• Distance Learning

    United States History

    Ms. Mitchell, Instructor



    Welcome to your U.S. History Class!


                  You will learn how past events have shaped the United States and the world economically, politically and socially.  This class will help you develop and improve your critical and spatial thinking, to use evidence to express opinions and to become a better communicator.  You will demonstrate knowledge by interpreting historical events of the past and relating such events to modern issues, enabling you to make historical predictions for the future.  These skills will be achieved through reading, writing and verbal participation in discussions.  Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration (the 4 C’s) will be an integral part of your learning process.  Your verbal participation is essential to your success for this course!


    Learning is the acquisition of knowledge NOT memorization!  You will learn through:

        *assigned reading, lecture and discussions

        *independent study and internet/library research

        *activities through written and oral presentations with group, partner and individual effort

        *you will also be assessed on your ability to appropriately structure:

        Sentences, spell words, construct paragraphs and format essays based on primary and secondary sources

     MATERIALS to bring to class:

    *Your Textbook    *Notebook    *Lined Paper    *Pen/Pencil    *water

    *Discipline, Curiosity, & Academic Courage


    LETTER GRADE VALUE: (knowledge can only be attained through your commitment to attain it)

    A = Superior Knowledge                         100-90%        (5 or + symbol)   

    B = Above Average Knowledge                  89-80%        (4 or / symbol)      

    C = Average Knowledge                            79-70%        (3 or -- symbol)       

    D = Below Average Knowledge

    F = Really????



    All California & Common Core Standards will be covered

        1)    The Nation’s Beginnings – Chs. 1-4 (6 weeks)                                                          August-September        

        2)    Industrialization, Urbanization, Immigration, and Progressives - Chs. 5-6 (4 weeks)    Sept-October        

        3)   The Rise of the United States as a Power – Chs. 7-8 (5 weeks)                                   October-November

        4)   The 1920s – Chs. 9-10 (2 weeks)                                                                             November-December

                                               SEMESTER II

        5)   The Great Depression and the New Deal – Chs. 11-12 (3 weeks)                                 January                                         

        6)   America’s Participation in World War II – Chs. 13-14 (3 weeks)                                   January- February

        7)   Cold War Struggles Abroad – Chs. 15-17, 19 (4 weeks)                                              February-March

        8)   Cold War Struggles at Home –                                                                                  same

        9)   Movements for Equality – Chs. 17-18, 20 (4 weeks)                                                   March-April

      10)  Contemporary American Society – Chs. 21-22 (4 weeks)                                              April-May


                   The following list of expectations are meant to help you be aware and follow what is considered to be positive and appropriate behavior and conduct within the classroom.  This is also a guideline for you to understand what topics will be covered throughout the two semesters required for your graduation.  Your priority is to learn and mine is to teach.

    Let’s work together to have a successful year leaning about United States History!


    • Have fun. Learning and fun are not mutually exclusive.  Another words both can happen simultaneously.
    • Do not let anything interfere with your You are accountable for your own actions and behaviors.  Negative attitude will bring about intervention with consequences. 
    • Develop a positive attitude toward this course and watch how the year speeds by.
    • Learn to cultivate a respectful relationship with your peers as well as the teacher. This does not mean you have to make friends with all, but you must display consideration and compassion towards all including the teacher.
    • Please comply with District rules and policies regarding attendance, punctuality, dress code, and electronic equipment. All rules, especially attendance will be strictly enforced.
    • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated:
    1. Speak when appropriate, raise hand or respond when called on
    2. Hostile or negative attitudes are not welcome in class
    3. Respect the property provided for your use, chrome book and textbooks/workbooks

    Do not scrawl, write, mark, carve, “tag” anything that does not belong to you

    Vandalism is a heinous crime

    1. Absolutely NO PROFANITY
    2. DON’T CHEAT!! Do not copy assignments or tests nor offer anyone else to copy from you. Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty is a major flaw of integrity and character and demonstrates moral weakness.  (Workplaces fire you and colleges dismiss you for cheating.)
    • Complete your assignments consistently and on time
    • Your grade is an accumulation of Verbal participation, Homework assignments, Readings, Journal entries, Quizzes, Tests, Research projects, and overall performance
    • Only YOU are responsible for your grade. All grades are a reflection of your work, effort, and character.  Each grade is earned NOT given
    • Late work is accepted for half credit (best not to make a habit of it)
    • You are responsible for finding out what you missed during an absence
    • Absent work is accepted for full credit as long as it is completed within a timely manner. You have as many days as you were absent to turn in absent work.  Please note that absences interfere with your learning and that of others.  It is best to avoid absences unless you are ill. 


         I will treat you with fairness and respect.  I will treat you like a young adult for as long as you behave like one.

                  My class instruction is designed to be meaningful to you and to encourage and ensure that you are learning and successful.  I will ensure that you learn in an environment that respects individual differences, ideas and opinions.  I have a zero-tolerance for any name-calling, intimidation, racist or sexist remarks made by any student(s) at any time.  Let’s learn and have fun!!