• Medical Excuse

    Only a doctor's medical note excuses a student from dressing out or not partcipating in Physical Education. The medical note should be taken to the nurse's office immediately and copies will be made to ensure proper documentation. The teacher must abide by the doctor's recommendations. The medical note must provide the specific date in which the student is able to return to activity in PE.


    While on a medical, the student will follow the intructions provided by their PE teacher in reference to written work assignments. Each case is handled individually and seperately by the PE teacher and the number of written work assignments and due dates may vary. These issues must be discussed with the PE teacher and documented.




    The Physical Education staff believes that if students are healthy enough to attend school, they are healthy enough to dress out for PE.

    In case of illness or injury, the instructor will modify the activity accordingly. We are concerned for the safety and well being of our students. It is highly recommended the student take the initiative and discuss matters of illness or injury with their PE teacher. Some teachers may require a note from a parent indicating important information about the illness or injury but students cannot be excused from activity by a parent.

    Each case is unique and might be handled differently; comparisons should not be drawn. Most often, the modified activity will serve the student well enough to earn full credit.


    Make Up Work for Medicals/Injuries/Illnesses

    PE teachers address make up work for medicals/injuries/illnesses uniquely with their own students. Each case is different and the number of assignments required may vary.


    The directions for the written assignment are universal and located on this website as well as posted in the locker rooms.