• Dressing Out For PE


    • It is appropriate that students dress out properly for PE to ensure a positive and healthy learning experience.
    • Students are encouraged to purchase the PE uniform, ($10 shirt) ($10 shorts), which currently can be purchased from either the boys’ or girls’ PE office all year.
    • Students can also purchase Chino sweatshirt ($25), sweatpants ($20) or a long sleeve dri-fit ($15) from the girls’ PE office anytime of the year OR online through the Chino High Student Store (please bring of purchse to PE office if using online option). 
    • Although the majority of PE students purchase the PE uniform, students may also dress out in athletic wear adhering to the school colors (blue, gray, white) in their best effort.
    • For safety, students must wear athletic shoes for PE class. Students will not be allowed to participate in PE class in shoes other than athletic.

                                                      CHS PE Set. DriFit Long Sleeve












    Participation in PE

    Every day in PE, students have the opportunity to earn points for fully participating in the activity. Every 6 weeks, grades will be determined by the precentage of points earned and a standard district scale is used.

    Parents and students have the ability to monitor grades daily by making use of the school website. All information is provided on line.

    Parents and students may email or call teachers any time with questions and concerns. 

    Positive participation is required in order to earn full points. Points may be lost due to negative participation: profanity, bullying, misuse of equipment, not following instructions, disrupting the learning environment, prohibiting the teacher from teaching, creating an unsafe environment, touching or harrassing other students, etc.


    Use of Electronics During Participation.

    Students are discouraged from bringing electronic devices during physical education class. Students risk damage and theft. Concentration should be placed on participation and learning. We value students' property but school personnel are not responsible for storing students' personal items.




    Students are encouraged to refrain from creating any type of unsafe or negative situation that could possibly effect the teacher and students. Students must follow the student behavior guidelines of the school and any violations will be addressed by the teacher and student individually.

    Any form of bullying, harassment, and discrimination should be reported to any teacher immediately.