• Use Of Locker Room

    • The locker room is to be used by PE students and athletes. Please enter the locker room on time, allowing enough time to dress out properly for activity.
    • Students will be allowed 10 minutes to dress out. If you are not dressing out for activity, exit the locker room and allow time and space for others.
    • Please exit the locker when instructed because this allows the teachers to begin instruction on time. Do not loiter. 
    • Mature and courteous behavior is a standard in the locker room. Avoid running, throwing objects, and infringing upon others' privacy.
    • Taking pictures and filming in the locker room is completely prohibited and will result in administrative referral.



    At this time, the school is not responsible for providing locks to be used in the locker room. It is imperative students lock up their valuables in a locker which can be chosen by the student and assigned for the remainder of the school year. Students are reponsible for supplyimg their own combination lock. 


    Do not be a victim of theft – Lock your valuables!!!


    When students exit the locker room to participate in PE, they must first secure all valuables with their combination lock. If their backpack does not fit in a locker, they must take all valuables out of the backpack and lock them in their locker for the period. Chino High School is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.  Sharing lockers is NOT allowed.