• Frequently Asked Questions
    Do I need to write out the questions?
    If it is a conceptual question, then you can write out the question and answer as briefly as you want OR you can answer in complete sentences (WITHOUT PRONOUNS) that effectively refer back to the question.  You should be able to know what you were talking about when you review your work before a test!
    What do I do on calculations?
    You GUESS!  Write out what was given, what was unknown, start with an equation, solve it for the variable you want (if necessary), and then substitute in your values (WITH UNITS).  Only then should you reach for a calculator.
    just guess!
    What do I do for Think & Rank questions?
    First, you must draw out the situations (stick figures are acceptable), then say what you are ranking and state their order (in other words, answer the question), and lastly, you MUST explain why you put them in that order.
    Can I turn in work late for some credit?
    Yes and no.  I accept late work for 50% credit from the CURRENT unit.  The day of the test is the day that I stop accepting work for that unit.
    What do I do if I'm absent?
    1) Check the website for what you have missed.  If you've been gone for more than one day, it is expected that you have already started on your make-up work.
    2) ONLY IF there were physical resources or notes on the board that were not posted to the GCR assignment (I try to always upload them) will you need to see me.
    3) When you submit your work to GCR, leave a private comment stating what date(s) you were absent.  If the item was already scored (you will see a zero for your previously missing assignment), then you must fill out a Grade Dispute Form to let me know to go back and reexamine your work, now that it has been turned in; I will not look at it otherwise.
    5) If you miss a test (with an EXCUSED absence), make an appointment with me for a make-up test; you have one week for this.  Most tests are mede-up during my office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school; other arangements can occationally be made.  Any test not made-up within a week will have their score determined by your semester final.
    How do I do test corrections?
    Conceptual Questions: Combine the question and answer into a complete sentence; please do not tell me what letter it was.  Then, you must explain why that answer was correct.  You can use diagrams, calculations, or just a well phrased expanation.  IF it is a definitional question & answer, then you can give an example instead of explaining it.
    EXAMPLE: It's false that the SI unit of force is the kilogram, because it is the Newton.
    EXAMPLE 2: Compared to its weight on the Earth, a 10 kg object on the moon will weigh less; this is because weight is mass times acceleration from gravity and the moon accelerated objects less than the Earth does.
    Calculations: Just like with homework, you don't need to write out the question; you just need to GUESS.
              EXAMPLE: m1=1kg, m2=2kg, Fnet=W2=m2*g=20N, a=?
                              a = Fnet / total mass = 20N / 3kg = 6.7 m/s^2

    Do you offer extra credit?

    Yes, no, and kinda.  There will sometimes be extra challenging problems in an assignment set for which I will offer a couple points of extra credit for completing.  I am the freshman class advisor, so I do reward participating (in every period) for spirit days; these receive bulldog bucks.  Bulldog bucks given out by ME are treated as HW passes in class.  These allow an assignment to be turned in late for full credit (still within the current unit), or simply award 10 points in the HW category if saved until the end of the semester and cashed in.  I will not "come up with an extra credit project for you", so do not ask.

    Is there a final?

    YES.  There is a cumulative final given each semester.  If you score better on the final than your worst test of the semester, then that test score will be deleted from the gradebook.