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    Current Unit: 1920s research and historical connections to The Great Gatsby

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    Writing Prompt: Everyone researched a historical, social, or cultural event that influenced F. Scott Fitzgerald and his work, The Great Gatsby. Using the topic you researched for the Annotated Bibliography, write an essay arguing a connection between the topic and the novel. How does your topic influence society at the time? How is that demonstrated in the novel? What connections can you make between your topic and the novel's setting, characters, events or symbols?  Use relevant facts, concrete details, examples, and other information to develop your essay. Your essay needs to begin with an appropriate introduction including a narrowed thesis statement and end with a concluding paragraph. Be sure to properly cite your sources in-text, parenthetically, and at the end of the essay. You are required to include a Works Cited page and adhere to MLA Style guidelines.

    The essay is due at 8:00pm on Tues, May 28th, on Turnitin.com.

    Research Paper INTRODUCTION

    Research Paper BODY PARAGRAPHS 

    Research Paper: CONCLUSION

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    Sample Research Paper Formatted in MLA 8th Edition


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