• Welcome to Mr. Ly's classroom page! As a former Ayala student and current teacher, I am very enthusiastic about you being in my class. I have 2 main goals in mind for the year:  


    • get to know you better so that I can serve you well as your teacher
    • assist you in forging friendships with your classmates so we can all support each other's learning


    You may not realize it yet, but we're embarking on a mission to become the most scientifically literate class in America. Let's be safe, respectful, and responsible about how we go about our classroom business and get to it!

  • Google Classroom codes:

    Per 1: dbxd4vx

    Per 2: zqwcqef

    Per 3: 2linh7z

    Per 4: bq554e7

    Per 6: c6l7gzz

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