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    Almost all problems on your end are most easily fixed thorugh video interaction. Please visit office hours in Microsoft Teams if you have questions about work, content, misgraded assignments. and most questions. Please see the office hours schedule just to below this document. If you do think email is best, or if you are a parent, I will respond during the work week within 24 hours. 


    Welcome Back!

    Online learning will be conducted through Microsoft Teams. I have also made Google Classrooms as a back up in case things do not go as planned in the first few days. Please make sure you get signed up for the appropriate class both in Teams and Google Classroom.

    During your assigned period, open Teams to join the meeting. You should see a blue text box that says "Meeting Now" hit the join button and you are in!

    There is only one section for AB; join no matter what period you are enrolled in.

    AB Calculus Teams Page

    AB Calculus Teams join code: bk8zhn2


    BC Calculus Teams Page

    BC Calculus Teams join code: lfnapa9



    Office Hours will be held in Microsoft Teams 

    Join code for AB and BC: w0jdslz


    My weekly schedule including office hours can be found in the document on the right hand side of this page.

    You can find and download your syllabus in Microsoft Teams

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.