Mr. Sjol - Calculus



    Almost all problems on your end are most easily fixed thorugh direct, two way interaction interaction. This will be available during class time everyday. If you are at home on an asynchronous day, you can wait until the next day and we can figure out your issue during class time. I will also be leaving Teams on and live so that you can log on, like you are used to and interact with me and/or your classmates. 

     Attendance on asynchronous days will be dependent on your completion and submission of the day's Warm Up problem. This is not graded. If you are interested in feedback, you are wlecome to join the class using Teams as described above. You will still need to submit evidence of your warm up to the appropriate place in Teams.

    Work will be disseminated and collected through Teams in the same manner that you are used to. 

    You will be given a two week schedule with notes, work, activities, etc. Turn in each part as you complete it. Everything is due on the last day of this two week block. Absence on the last day of a two week cycle will not excuse late work that you had two weeks to complete.

    The two week block calendar is available here and will also be posted in Teams. 

    You will also find the Blended Learning Classroom expectations here and in Teams, along with our 3Bs Matrix.


    There is only one section for AB; join no matter what period you are enrolled in.


    AB Calculus Teams Page

    AB Calculus Teams join code: bk8zhn2


    BC Calculus Teams Page

    BC Calculus Teams join code: lfnapa9



    You only need my teacher number: 784434 to join DeltaMath. You will then need to select your period.


    You can find and download your syllabus in Microsoft Teams

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.