Welcome to Integrated Math 2

  • Dear parents,
    It is part of my grading policy to allow any student who has received a D+ or lower on any quiz to retake that quiz and improve his/her grade and be successful in geometry. The requirements for retake quiz are:
    1) Student must have no missing assignments ( Homework or classwork )
    2) Student must have satisfactory citizenships and participations.
    3) Retake Quizzes must be taken during lunch on Wednesdays only
    4) If the student gets a 75% or higher on the retake quiz, a C or 75% would replace the original score.
    5) If the retake score is lower than the original score, the lower score would replace the original score.
    To prepare for any retake quiz, I suggest one or all of the following.
    1) Student may go over his/her graded quiz with me during lunch on Monday and Wednesday.
    2) Student may go to Ayala Mathletes tutoring club held in room H104 on Tue and Thu.
    Please encourage your student to take advantage of retake quiz policy to have a successful year.

    Please contact me using email. al_massoum@chino.k12.ca.us      

    Thanks for your support.