• Welcome to Mr. Massoum’s Math1 Class:

    I look forward to providing all of you with the opportunity to learn the required math standards in class and have fun at the same time. 

    We will copy and discuss a couple of notes a week and practice new skills through collaboration in small groups.

    Therefore, I do my best to assign only classwork and little or no homework, if possible. 

    Classwork assignments are due at the end of each period and receive up to 100% credit. (must have my initial and meet all the expectations. see syllabus)

    Unfinished (at least 70% complete) classwork may be finished as homework and receive up to 70% credit. (must have my initial and meet all the expectations)

    Late work will be accepted up to 2 days late for up to 60% credit. (must meet all expectations)

    No credit if an assignment is turned in more than 2 days late.

    Office Hours

    Tue and Thu Morning from 7:30-8:20


    Contact Information


    Please contact me during business hours and I will respond within 48 hours of receiving your email. 



    81010 @amassoum

    Classroom Expectations

    • Arrive in class and be at your assigned desk before the bell rings.
    • Leave your phone in silent mode in your backpack.   
    • Come to class prepared and ready to work independently or in groups.
    • Complete classwork through collaboration before the period ends.
    • Don't copy another student's work and don't let others copy yours or receive no credit.
    • Receive my initial as proof of work completion.
    • Treat your peers and the teacher with respect and refrain from any appropriate language in class. 
    • Stay on task during the period and avoid distracting yourself and others.
    • Keep your areas clean and throw away your trash. 
    • Remain at your assigned desk until the bell rings or when you are dismissed.



     Classroom Materials

    • 8.5 X 11 Notebook (spiral or lined-Notebook)
    • Black / Blue Pens, pencils
    • Graph Papers
    • Highlighters
    • Ruler
    • Scientific Calculator for selected chapters


     Classwork and notes will be checked, graded, and uploaded to Aeries regularly. (weekly or biweekly).  

    Assessments will be uploaded when all are graded

    *All assignments must be submitted in class and on time.*

     To access the syllabus, click the file link below:

    Integrated Math Syllabus