• Update: 1/5/21

    Welcome to Government. I will upload a zoom link c. 10 minutes before the class begins on your class page. If you need the code to get to your class page (and I don't know if you do), here they are:

    Period 1                         hxpk2uo

    Period 1 Collaboration     h6o5r6a 

    Period 2                         ypr2r2b
    Period 2 Collaboration     euixhol
    Period 3                         5njswx2
    Period 3 Collaboration     6ujboik

    Period 4                         u3rwqmg     

    Period 4 Collaboration     psm5afv

    Period 5                         zcxwzpa


    I will see you tomorrow.



    Update: 8/25/2020











    Show up

    Pay Attention

    Do Your Work




    Show Up

    Pay Attention

    Do Your Work





    Hand in When Due – No Late Work

    Do Your Own Work

    Do Your own Work



    Show up For the Tests on Time

    Do Your Own Essays/Projects

    Do Your Own Work

    Don’t Cheat on the Test

    Do Your Own


    Update: 8/12/2020

    After consulting with my classes, they decided that they would like the Zoom links posted on the Google Classroom site, instead of being emailed. Starting tomorrow, Thursday 8/13/2020, the Zoom links will be posted c. 10  minutes before class begins on the respective Google Classroom site. I, of course will be on the Zoom call already, so as soon as you see the link, please feel free to join the call. JPS


    Update: 8/11/2020

    Attendance: On the days I don't see you, please answer the attendance question on Google Classroom.

    Meetings: Zoom meetings for now. Please check your school email 10 minutes or so prior to the meeting time. If you are having diffficulty logging in, let me know by replying to the Google Classroom announcement and I will send you a the Zoom invite personally.

    New Office Hours: To synchronize with the rest of the Social Studies Department, my new office hours are going to be Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:30 to 8:15 AM and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 1:35 to 2:20 PM. Zoom links will be on Google Classroom. Stop by with all of your questions, thoughts, and concerns.




                                                                                                                                                                                                  "Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be safe"

     Welcome to Mr. Swanberg's Economics/Government Distance learning Classroom,

    I can be contacted anytime at john_swanberg@chino.k12.ca.us.  I will answer during the day I receive every email, or the following day if I receive the email after school. My office hours are as follows: 1:55-2:20 PM Wednesday and Friday, and 7:30-8:15 AM Tuesday and Thursday.

    Here is my weekly schedule:


    Monday                                       Tuesday                                       Wednesday                                  Thursday                                       Friday

    PLC                                                Office Hours                                                                                          Office Hours                       

    7:30-8:15                                    7:30-8:15                                                                                                7:30-8:15                              


    Period 1 Econ/Gov               Period 1 Econ/Gov               Period 4 Econ/Gov                    Period 1 Econ/Gov                 Period 4 Econ/Gov

    9:05-9:40                                  8:20-9:40                                   8:20-9:40                                         8:20-9:40                                    8:20-9:40


    Period 2 Econ/Gov              Period 2 Econ/Gov                Period 5 Econ/Gov                    Period 2 Econ/Gov                 Period 5 Econ/Gov

    9:50-10:25                              10:10-11:30                              10:10-11:30                                  10:10-11:30                               10:10-11:30


    Period 3 Econ/Gov



    Period 4 Econ/Gov



    Lunch                                          Lunch                                      Lunch                                           Lunch                                         Lunch

    11:55-12:25                           11:30-12:10                       11:30-12:10                             11:30-12:10                         11:30-12:10


    Period 5 Econ/Gov              Period 3 Econ/Gov         Period 6 Prep                          Period 3 Econ/Gov           Period 6 Prep   

    1:20-1:55                                  12:15-1:35                         12:15-1:35                               12:15-1:35                            12:15-1:35


    Period 6 Prep



                                                                                                                Office Hours                                                                               Office Hours

                                                                                                                1:35-2:20                                                                                     1:35-2:20


    My expectations for Distance Learning is the same as in my classroom: Show up, pay attention, do your work, and behave appropropriately. This is your 13th year in school. You have made it this far, so you know how to do these things.  There are some specific things that are only appliccable because we are meeting virtually: I need to see you on camera, your microphone should be muted unless you have a question, you may be at home, but the dress code is still in effect and your language should reflect being in school. We will discuss this more on August 10th and I will endeavor to answer any questions you have then.

    The District is working on getting each teacher Google Classroom links and I will send out invites on Monday. Assignments will be able to be handed in two ways: sending it to my email worked very well last semester, and when the District sets up my Google Classroom, you should be able to send it there as well. 

    My grades as always will be available for you to view on Aeries. As soon as the school/district populates my classes, I will have the gradebooks up. My grading as always is 40% Classwork, 40% Tests and 20% Final Exam. If by the Final Exam, you have proven to me that you have mastered the course, the Final will be optional.

     I will update this as needed,


    Thanks as always,