• "Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be safe"

    Welcome To My Classroom,

    My name is John Swanberg and welcome to Psychology, Government and Economics.  My calendar is now up to date to the end of the year. Here is the url: 


    If you want to know what you are doing on any day, check the calendar. I do not have one of the new Viewsonics yet. As a result, we will use your electronic learning devices in class. This includes your phone and chromebook, but is not limited to them. We will use Zoom as the platform for you to follow along with me during the lessons. All lessons are available under the appropriate tag on the home page of my class. Here is the Economics URL:


    Here is the Government URL:


    Here is the Psychology URL:


    Under each URL, you will find every lesson we will do this year. You may print these out and complete them using a pen. You may change each into a document and type on the actual lesson. Or, you may come up with a different way to finish the work. Check with me, and it should be ok. All work is due by the Review Day of the chapter we are on. You can come and show me the work any day up to and including the review day. Late work beyond the Review Day is not accepted. You may show me your work on a sheet of paper, on a device or some other way I have ok'ed.  I will continue to use my Google classroom, my webpages and zoom for instruction untill I have a Viewsonic.

    You need to bring your textbook the 1st day of each chapter and the Review day for Psychology. You need to bring your textbook every day we work in the textbook in Economics and Psychology.  As always chech the calendar to see what we are doing each day.  There will be a grade given if you brought your textbook, and a "0" if you do not. For your safety, and others safety, please do not share textbooks. Bring your electronic learning device every day.

    My classroom expectations are the same as before: show up on time, pay attention, do your work and hand it in on time. In my classroom we will safely distance; You will have your own textbook/electronic device for notes, essays and tests; You will clean your work area with school supplied cleaning equipment before you sit down; You will wash your hands with school supplied equipment every time you think you should, including but not limited to entering and exiting the classroom, after visiting the restroom, before and after lunch; You will wear your mask at all possible time.



    (Swanberg - Psychology/Econ./Gov.)


                                                BE RESPECTFUL                                BE RESPONSIBLE                        BE SAFE

    CLASS SESSIONS     Show up                                                   Do Your Work                                Behave

                                                Pay Attention                                                          

    ASSIGNMENT           Hand in When Due                              Do Your Own Work                   Do Your Own Work

    COMPLETION           No Late Work                          

    ASSESSMENTS         Show up For the Tests on Time     Do Your Own Work                   Don’t Cheat


    I can be contacted anytime at john_swanberg@chino.k12.ca.us.  I will answer during the day I receive every email, or the following day if I receive the email after school.   

    My grades as always will be available for you to view on Aeries. As soon as the school/district populates my classes, I will have the gradebooks up. My grades are updated most days and will automatically be updated as soon as a student turns in an assignment.  My grading as always is 40% Classwork, 40% Tests and 20% Final Exam. If by the Final Exam, you have proven to me that you have mastered the course, the Final will be optional. Your letter grade is automatically rounded up, ie. an A- starts at 89.6% not 90%.

    I will update this as needed,

    Thanks as always,