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    Chez les Élèves de Français de Madame Munoz

    Our French Distance Learning Classroom

    Ayala High School

    'Petit à petit, l'oiseau fait son nid.'
    [Little by little the bird makes her nest.]
    -- French proverb
    You've made it through the first 9 days of our new Distance Learning program!!  Yay!  Your efforts do not go unnoticed...
    Keep up the good work, everyone!!
    Step 1 -- Look for our new French e-textbook from VocesDigital
    Notre Histoire:
    Step 2 -- Look for all info, updates, feedback and assignments in our wonderful Google Classrooms for Ayala French
    [Here are general Google Classroom instructions for your CVUSD acct:
    •  Log onto the above Google Classroom using your DISTRICT email account
    • 'District Username' followed by
    • 'District Password' -- first letter MUST be uppercase, second letter lowercase followed by the last five digits of your student ID

    (eg: Alicia García    username: agarcia     password: Agarcia12345)]


    We will be working together to make the most of the time that has been given us. :-)


    As always, please e-mail me ASAP (below) if you have any concerns or questions.


    Contact information


    Virtual office hours 

    Available through email, usually within 48 hours

    Updated syllabus (reflecting distance learning)

    • All assignments are housed on Google Classroom
    • All assignments are graded, for now, on the 'Notre Histoire' site
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