• Welcome to Mrs. Novy's blended learning classroom for Trig/Pre-Calculus.  

    Google Classroom

    All students will be enrolled in Google Classroom and students will need to check daily.  Important material will frequently be posted and students will submit assignments here.

    Syllabus Information

    My syllabus can be found on Google Classroom.  Students are asked to share the syllabus with parents.  There is a signature page for both students and parents to sign, awknowledging the syllabus.  The syllabus will also be discussed in more detail at back to school night.

    Office Hours

    There will be no office hours during blended learning.  For questions or for additional help, please send me an email.


    Email is the best way to get a hold of me.  I will respond to all emails within 24 hours.

    Email:  Brielle_Novy@chino.k12.ca.us


Norms/Behavior/Expectations for Asynchronous Days


    • On asynchronous days, students should log on to Google Classroom to complete their asynchronous task.
    • Asynchronous Tasks will be posted to Google Classroom at 8 am and students are to complete by 2 pm (for attendance purposes)
    • Students should not wait until the last minute to complete the asynchronous task, as these tasks can take up to 40 minutes to complete. 

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe








    On campus


    Class Sessions

    • Be mindful of personal space
    • Greet teacher and peers upon entry
    • Come to class on time and be in your seat at the start of class.
    • Come to class on time and be in your seat at the start of class.
    • Come to class with all necessary materials/supplies.
    • Be attentive and focused
    • Participate
    • Ask and answer questions
    • Wear your mask properly
    • Bring your own watter bottle
    • Maintain space/assigned seat
    • wash/sanitize hands often
    • Wipe down your desk and surrounding area at the beginning of each class.


    Asynchronous Class Sessions

    • If you have questions and need to send an email, be professional when you check in with your teachers
    • Include full name and class period in your emails
    • Understand teacher may not be able to respond to emails until after school
    • Check Google Classroom for what you are expected to complete.
    • Complete asynchronous task by 2pm for attendance
    • Do not post materials to internet or exchange assignments with each other




    • Submit your assignments during business hours.
    • Try to turn in all assignments on time.  Don’t wait until the last minute to submit.
    • Assignment submitted without plagiarism.



    • Be professional with your written responses
    • Do your best work
    • Prepare for assessments through daily effort and review
    • Read all directions carefully
    • Do not wait until the last minute to submit assessments
    • Maintain integrity
    • Do not share assessments with others