• Welcome to Ms. Rosa's Distance Learning Classroom


  • Communication will be maintained through this page and Remind.


    ♦ Students will be expected to have their cameras on and be visable during online class meetings

    • students should not be on a bed during class


    ♦ If you can't complete an assignment *in class* due to technology, contact me to let me know 


    ♦ Cornell Notes:

    • start on front of new page 
    • write date in top right corner of page
    • left column remains blank until after review
    • after review, for each Roman numeral:
      • summarize in word or drawing - or -
      • compare to another historical event


    ♦ If absent, check what you missed ASAP

    • do not wait until class to ask what you missed


    ♦ The best way to contact me is through Remind 

    • I only see private messages in GC when grading assignments