• Welcome to Ms. Rosa's Distance Learning Classroom


  • Communication will be maintained through this page and Remind.


    ♦ Students will be expected to have their cameras on and be visable during online class meetings


    ♦ If you can't complete the daily starter and work in Desmos while *in class*, write down responses to submit before 2 pm 


    ♦ Cornell Notes:

    • start on front of new page 
    • write date in top right corner of page
    • left column remains blank until after review
    • after review, for each Roman numeral:
      • summarize in word or drawing - or -
      • compare to another historical event



    The document below has further details related to my Distance Learning classroom - page 2: contact Info, page 3: Virtual Office Hours, pages 4-5: Classroom Norms, page 6: Instructional Plan

  • Communication is the key to success.

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     Check Google Classroom (GC) for assignments 

    For tech help:
    (devices / login / online tools)
    8:00 am – 3:00 pm
    Monday – Friday 
    (909) 628-1202 x1080
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