• Welcome to Mr. Daugherty's Physics Classroom! 

    Check Google Classroom daily!


    Announcements, synchronous and aysynchronous assignments, weekly schedules, distribution of course resources , and submission of work will be communicated through google classroom. 

    Learning Routine


    Synchronous days: Students will participate in an in class activity/lesson. Lessons usually consist of a 5-10 minute warm up activity, a short introduction to the days topic (5-10 minutes), Guided practice (10-20 minutes) and independent activities for the remainder of the period where students strenghten connections made earlier in the class period. 

    Note: Certain days, such as lab and test days, will be slightly different as the lab or test will likely take up the entire period. 

    Asynchronous days: Students are expected to log into google classroom and complete the activity by 5 pm each day. If students do not complete the asynchronous activity by 5 pm on their off day they will be considered absent. 

    Instructor Support 

    I will be available to answer questions in-clas on synchronous days and via email or the Remind application on aynchronous days. 

    Please consder that your cohort's asynchronous days are another cohort's synchronous days. As such, I may be unable to respond to emails or Remind messages until after the school day has finished. 

    I am also hoping to provide office hours to struggling students. However, at this point I have not decided on a specific time/method (in person or zoom). I will update my webpage as soon as I have decided upon a schedule. 

    Contact Information 

    Email: M_daughertysaunders@chino.k12.ca.us

    Students may also contact me via the Remind app. 

    (Remind codes have been posted on Google Classroom)