• Mr. Ullmann's 2020-2021 Biology Page

    Welcome to Mr. Ullmann's classroom! 

    Contact Info


    **Emails will be answered within 24 hours during weekdays**


    Office Hours

    If additional help is needed I am available to meet after school during the following times

    Tuesday: 2:20-2:50

    Wednesday: 2:20-2:50

    All office hours are for Bio Living Earth. 

    Classroom Norms

    We will be alternating between meeting in person and doing asynchronous work on your own. During our face to face visits we will review material, read articles, do activities, and answer questions as a class. This will be the IDEAL time to ask me any questions or request individual help.

    During asynchronous days you will complete an assignment that will count as your attendance for the day. The agenda will be posted weekly on Google classroom explaining these due dates AND posted in the physical classroom. All work being submitted online will be through Google classroom. SOME work will be checked/collected during class. Safety measures will be taken during physical class instruction. This will include hand washing, mask wearing, and proper spacing beween students. Read about our classroom matrix here.


    Class Access

    We will be using Google classroom to post and submit electronic assignments. Each student will recieve an access code to enter the class that will be sent to your student email. If you are having any difficulties email me!

    Feedback/Grading will be communicated through Google Classroom and Aeries. Grades are usually updated every other week. 


    REMEMBER: When logging into Google Classroom be sure to use your CVUSD Google Account 

    username: districtusername@stu.chino.k12.ca.us

    password: Capital First Initial followed by lowercase 2nd initial followed by last 5 digits of student ID



    Click HERE to read the syllabus. Syllabus includes instructional plans/routines for the week, how feedback will be received, grading criteria, when/how work will be submitted, expectations of assessments, and how evidence of learning is analyzed.