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    Our primary goals are to support students academically,

    socially and emotionally. Special consideration is focused

    on getting to know  students individually in order to better

    navigate their high school experience.

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    ROP scholarship


    Applications due 2/1/19!

    If you are a high school senior who has completed a Baldy View ROP course or is currently enrolled in one, you are eligible to receive the Baldy View ROP Foundation Scholarship! Scholarships are awarded to Baldy View ROP students to assist them in paying for their post-secondary education! The scholarship is also available to adult students enrolled in a Baldy View ROP course.

    Winners will be recognized at the annual Celebrating Student Success Awards at the Upland High School Highlander Auditorium on Monday, April 8, 2019!





    Attention Class of 2020!


      #Opportunity Scholarships (scholarships without applications)




    December Student Scholarship Opportunities




     Results will be available late December /Early January


     2018 - 2019 Scholarship Book





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                 The Counseling Office is open from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm.