• picture Here we go!  We are back!   I am committed to making this year as meaningful, engaging, and accommodating as possible under these...interesting...circumstances.  All information regarding this class will be posted on Google Classroom.  You will be assigned a specific Google Classroom for your cohort, so be sure to update your information.   
    As we return to blended learning, please be aware that I no longer have office hours.  Please let me know if you would like to meet for help or support and we can arrange the most appropriate type of meeting, either in class, by appointment, or virtually via Google Meets.  
    All students are expected to Be Responsible, Respectful, and Safe!  Here's the details...Puente's 3 Be's
    Class meetings will be conducted on Google Meets, links are in specific class tabs. Here's my policies on online meeting rooms: Google Meets Expectations
    ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to attend class on assigned days.  Students are ALSO expected to check into Google Classroom on days not attending class to check in.  There will be a brief announcement or task that students must complete in order to be marked in attendance for that day.  
    COMMUNICATION:  I am super responsive to emails and will reply within 24 hours.  If you have any questions, please contact me at: jennifer_puente@chino.k12.ca.us 
    Students may also message me via Remind.  All account information is included in the course syllabus on the class pages.