• Frequently Asked Questions

    About the Teacher

    • What college did you go to?

      • Cal State Fullerton.
    • What made you want to teach history?

      • I really enjoy learning history and hope that I can pass that along.
    • What was your favorite place that you've traveled to?

      • It's too difficult to pick one. Germany, England, and Iceland top the list though.
    • Where did you get your old stuff?

      • Antique stores, Ebay, or wherever I can find them.


    About the Class

    • Do we have any projects?
      • Yes. Mostly a country project that will be worked on during 2nd semester.
    • How much homework do you give?

      • Check the syllabus.
    • Will there be extra credit?

      • There MAY be an extra credit opportunity at the end of the semester.
    • What is the hardest part of this class?

      • Making sure that you don't get behind in the work.



    About the School / High School

    • How can I make high school more fun?

      • Join a club so you can be involved in something you like and meet new people.
    • What is the most difficult year of high school?

      • Most students say it's their junior year.