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    Description of Course - Health education is a continuum of learning experiences that enables students, as individuals and as members of society, to make informed decisions, modify behaviors, and change social conditions in ways that are health enhancing and increase health literacy. The health education standards signify the essential skills and knowledge that all students need to become health literate. The health education standards represent a strong consensus of the essential knowledge and skills that students should know in grades nine through twelve in California’s public schools. The focus in the health education standards is on teaching the skills that enable students to make healthy choices and avoid high-risk behaviors.
  • WEEK 19  5/20-24/19

    Monday-Video:  "The Toxic Life of a Cigarrette."  TND: Self-Control. 

    STUDY FOR FINAL  Health Final Study Help  Health Final Vocabulary Study Help

    Tuesday:  TND-Marijuana Panel


    Wednesday:  Videos-"Fentanyl the Deadliest Opioid" and "The Science of Drug Abuse" with worksheet.


    Thursday:  TND-Positive and Negative Thought and Behavior Loops


    Friday-TND:  Decision Making and Commitment




    Tuesday-Videos:  "Addiction and the Human Brain" and "Ten Bad Things You Didn't Know About Smoking and Tobacco" with worksheet.


    Wednesday-Finals periods 1, 3 and 5


    Thursday-Finals periods 2, 4 and 6

    Friday-Student Free Day- MAKE GOOD DECISIONS. Enjoy Your Summer  Break.

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  • WEEK 18  5/13-17/19

    Presentations every day until everyone has presented.

    Monday-Turn in drug project and Chapter 21 before the tardy bell.  Project Presentations.  Homework:  Read Chapter 22, Assessment questions 1-6, 9-14, 18-24 and 28-33 pages 618-620 due before the tardy bell Thursday5/16/19.

    Tuesday-Project Presentations.

    Wednesday-TND:  Talk Show.

    Thursday-(Senior Finals) Turn in Chapter 22 before the tardy bell.  TND:  Stress, Health and Goals.

    Friday-(Senior Finals) TND:  Tobacco Basketball and Use Cessation.

    STUDY FOR FINAL-100 ?s


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  • WEEK 17  5/6-10/19

    Our Drug Unit consists of Chapters 19, 20, 21 and 22 from the text (Unit 7), Project TND (Toward No Drug Abuse-program from the District), the Student Anti-Drug Campaign Poster Project, and district approved speaker(s) which have already visited.  Chapters are to be read as homework and the assessment questions answered according to class format.  They are to be done separately and will have individual due dates.

    Read Chapter 19, Assessment questions 1-12 and 21-32 pages 536-538 due before the tardy bell Monday 5/6/19.

    Read Chapter 20, Assessment questions 1-7, 13-20 and 26-32 pages 560-562 due before the tardy bell Thursday 5/9/19.

    Read Chapter 21, Assessment questions 1-7, 13-20 and 26-32 pages 586-588 due before the tardy bell Monday 5/13/19.

    Read Chapter 22, Assessment questions 1-6, 9-14, 18-24 and 28-33 pages 618-620 due before the tardy bell Thursday5/16/19.

    Monday-Turn in Chapter 19 before the tardy bell.  TND-Communication

    Tuesday-TND: Stereotyping.

    Wednesday-TND:  Myths and Denial-Ex. Cr. available with this session.  Listen to instructions during class. ->

    Credit available with this lesson which is explained in class and due Monday.  You may hand draw and design your own 'Drug Denial' comic.  It must be labeled, ORIGINAL, be correct for that denial, have color and no stick figures.  Worth up to 5 points each.  Each denial may be done one time.  You may also fine drug denial cartoons online.  Each must be labeled and you must justify why the cartoon is that specific drug denial.  Each of the printed cartoons is worth up to 4 points and each drug denial can be done one time.  The workbook is on this page at the bottom in "Important Files" if you need it for reference.  If you do both it could be up to 34 extra credit points.

    Thursday - Video:  "Pleasure Unwoven".  Anti-Drug Campaign Due.

    Friday-TND:  Chemical Dependency.  Anti-Drug Campaign Due.

    Monday 5/13/19 is the last day to turn in the Anti-Drug Campaign project.



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    Health Final Study Help?

    Health Final Vocabulary Study Aid

    Expectations Spring 2017

    Answering Chapter Assessment Questions

    Generic Chapter Assessment ? Page Set-Up Example

    Writing Multiple Choice Questions 

    Writing Critical Thinking Questions and Answers

    Positive Prevention Student Workbook

    Project TND Student Workbook


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