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    Description of Course - Health education is a continuum of learning experiences that enables students, as individuals and as members of society, to make informed decisions, modify behaviors, and change social conditions in ways that are health enhancing and increase health literacy. The health education standards signify the essential skills and knowledge that all students need to become health literate. The health education standards represent a strong consensus of the essential knowledge and skills that students should know in grades nine through twelve in California’s public schools. The focus in the health education standards is on teaching the skills that enable students to make healthy choices and avoid high-risk behaviors.
  • WEEK 2  8/20-24/18


                Read Chapter 3, answer Chapter Assessment ?s pgs. 86-88-?s 1-7, 13-20, and 26-33.  Due Wed. before the tardy bell.

                Read Chapter 4, answer Chapter Assessment ?s pgs. 108-110-?s 1-7, 14-21, and 27-34.  Due Friday before the tardy bell.

                Read Chapter 5, answer Chapter Assessment ?s pgs. 132-134-?s 1-6, 11-16, 21-25 and 30-34.

    Monday-Test Unit 1.  Read chapter 3, answer assessment ?s 1-7, 13-20, 26-33 pgs. 86-88.  Due Wed. before the tardy bell.

    Tuesday – Review test, Listening Owl, Song: Who I Am-Jessica.  Mental and Emotional Health Activity Wks. due Thursday before the tardy bell.  Mental and Emotional (Psychological) Health Wks.   Mental and Emotional Health Textbook Subject List   

    Wednesday - Secrets to Happiness, finish Mental/Emotional Health Activity Wks. due at the end of class.  HW Read Chapter 4, answer Chapter Assessment ?s pgs. 108-110 ?s 1-7, 14-21, and 27-34.  Due Friday 1/18/19 before the tardy bell.

    Thursday-Mental and Emotional Health activity.

    Friday-Don't Quit, Read Chapter 5, answer Chapter Assessment ?s pgs. 132-134?s 1-6, 11-16, 21-25 and 30-34 due Tuesday 1/22/19 before the tardy bell.

    Monday-No School-MLK Day

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  • WEEK 1  1/7-11/19

    MONDAY-Seating chart. Expectations, and procedures.  Health Expectations  Expectations are due back tomorrow signed, and turned in before class begins tomorrow.

    TUESDAY-Check out textbooks.  School ID and schedule are required to check out books. Chapter 1 assignment-Read Chapter 1 according to the instructions given in class, answer Chapter Assessment ?s 1-7, 12-17, 21-26 and 30-34 found on pages 28-30. Follow the class criteria to answer the questions, due by the end of class Wednesday Directions for Answering Chapter Assessment Questions

    WEDNESDAY-Read Chapter 2, answer the Chapter Assessments questions found on pgs. 56-58, ?s 1-6, 11-16, 20-24 and 28-32. UNIT 1 is due Thursday, 8/9/18, before the end of class. Follow the class criteria when answering the questions. 

    THURSDAY-Take notes for understanding during the class discussions.  Shield Worksheet.

    FRIDAY-Notes. Review.  Unit one test Monday 1/14/19.  Study help for Unit One test   Unit 1 Test Vocabulary and Key Terms

    Ex. Cr. Written on or attached to your 'Shield' with the 5 Pillars of Health find out how your first name was chosen for you, then research the origins and meaning of your first name-write it down or type it and document your sources in proper MLA format.  Worth up to 5 points.  Due Monday 1/14/19 before class begins.

    UNIT 1 TEST (Chapters 1 and 2) MONDAY

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    Health Final Study Help?

    Expectations Spring 2017

    Answering Chapter Assessment Questions

    Generic Chapter Assessment ? Page Set-Up Example

    Writing Multiple Choice Questions 

    Writing Critical Thinking Questions and Answers

    Positive Prevention Student Workbook

    Project TND Student Workbook


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