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    Description of Course - Health education is a continuum of learning experiences that enables students, as individuals and as members of society, to make informed decisions, modify behaviors, and change social conditions in ways that are health enhancing and increase health literacy. The health education standards signify the essential skills and knowledge that all students need to become health literate. The health education standards represent a strong consensus of the essential knowledge and skills that students should know in grades nine through twelve in California’s public schools. The focus in the health education standards is on teaching the skills that enable students to make healthy choices and avoid high-risk behaviors.
  • WEEK 14  11/13-16/18

    Monday-Veteran's Day observed, no school

    Tuesday-Positive Prevention-The HIV/AIDS Epidemic  Pgs. 45-52 and 2.  P.I. pg. 2.  Unit 9 student(s) homework day 13 TEST.

    Wednesday-Positive Prevention-Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases pgs. 53-57 and 2.  Pg. 53 parent/guardian signature.  P.I. pg. 2 when completed.  Unit 9 student(s) Day 14.

    Thursday-Ray Lozano and Associates Drug Education.  All students attend.

    Friday-Positive Prevention Lesson 9 pgs. 58-62 and 2.  Pg. 58 parent/guardian signature.  P.I. pg. 2 when completed.  Unit 9 student(s) Day 15.



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  • WEEK 13  11/5-9/18

    Monday-Video: Miracle of Life-NOVA, take notes.  Unit 9 student(s) day 8

    Tuesday-Miracle of Life worksheet.  Unit 9 student(s) day 9.

    Wednesday-Positive Prevention-Family Planning (4), pgs. 35-38 and 2.  Complete Lesson Wrap-Up, parent/guardian interview and Lesson 5 Preview, P.I. when finished.  Unit 9 student(s) day 10.

    Thursday-Positive Prevention-Making Informed Decisions:  Safe Surrender Law (5), pgs.39-42 and 2.  Review pg. 40 with parent/guardian, make changes, have parent/guardian sign bottom of page.  Complete Lesson Wrap-Up, interview parent, complete Lesson 6 Preview and have parent/guardian initial pg. 2 when finished.  Unit 9 student(s) day 12.  Unit 9 Student(s) day 11.

    Friday-Positive Prevention-Myths and Stereotypes about HIV Infection  pgs. 43-44 and 2.  P.I. pg. 2.  Unit 9 student(s) homework day 12-Test.


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  • Week 12  10/29-11/2/18

    Monday-Turn in Chapter 24 before the tardy bell.  Turn in Reproductive worksheets before the quiz.  Reproductive Anatomy Quiz.  Positive Prevention Workbooks. 

    Unit 9 Student(s)-Day 3

    Tuesday-Positive Prevention GETTING STARTED.  Copied Lesson Preview rules/expectations inside front cover of workbook.  Pages 2-15.  PI (Parent Initial) pg. 2 Getting Started after everything is completed.  Page 3 completed in class SS (Student Signature).  Pages 5-8 in class, finished at home, What we did in class is here  (as soon as I can get to a FAX machine) Fill in the dots with legitimate concerns or development, not items already on these pages nor unrealistic medical anomilies Positive Prevention pages 5-8 .  Lesson Wrap-Up with parent/guardian interview pg. 12.  Lesson 1 Preview, directions for all lesson previews is found below.  Complete the Pretest on pgs. 14-15 and PS pg. 15.

    DIRECTIONS for ALL Lesson Previews.

    Read story.

    Answer questions and prompts

    1.  Using complete sentences

    2.  Restate the question or prompt in the answer.

    3.  Use the names given in the story first before using pronouns for each question.

    Terms:  Couple=2, Few=3, Some=4 or more.

    Unit 9 Student(s)-Day 4.

    Wednesday-Positive Prevention pgs. 17-20 and 2.  Parent signature page 17 when Lifeline complete and Personal Best essay completed.  Parent/Guardian initials page 2, Lesson1.  Personal Best Short Essay-this is a written sketch of what your life looks like where you placed your 2 stars on your Lifeline (one single age).  It is where your Professional Life-Financial Stability-and Healthy Positive Relationships coinside.  No Ferraris, McMansions, or millionaire/billionaires allowed or anything like unto them.

    Unit 9 Student(s)-Day 5.

    Thursday-Positive Prevention-Healthy Relationships (2), workbook pgs. 21-28 and 2.  Pg. 25 finish Characteristics column-this list may help you chose positive characteristics that are important to you  Characteristics List  , evaluate self, 1* is friend evaluation (friend writes their own evaluation and places their name above the column, 2** is parent evaluation column-parent evaluates you and signs the bottom of the page.  Each participant writes their own evaluation.  On page 24 write your short essay, Title- 'Improving My Relationships with Others', minimum of 1 paragraph with 5 well written sentences, complete Lesson Wrap-Up, interview parent/guardian, complete Lesson 3 Preview following criteria found on Thursday of week 12, P.I. pg.2 when finished. 

    Unit 9 Student(s) day 6-TEST.

    Friday-Positive Prevention-Relationship Violence (3), pgs. 29-34 and 2.  Seriously complete page 31 and discuss with parent/guardian and have them sign the bottom of the page.  Page 32 complete #20 of the Teen's Dating Bills of Rights with parent/guardian, have parent/guardian initial new right. Complete Wrap-Up and Lesson 4 Preview, P.I. pg. 2 when finished. 

    Unit 9 Student(s) day 7.




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  • Week 11  10/22-26/18


    Tuesday-Presentations, test review-study helps in-class.

    Wednesday-Turn in Unit 8 Chapters 23 and 25 Worksheet.  Unit 8 Chapters 23 and 25 test.  Bring a silent reading book.

    Begin Reproductive Unit and/or Unit 9. 

    Textbook Assignments for Reproductive Unit

    Read Chapter 16, answer Chapter Assessment Questions 1-6, 12-18, 24-31 pgs. 460-462.  Due Friday 10/26/18

    Read Chapter 24, answer Chapter Assessment Questions 1-5, 8-12, 17-22, 26-31 pgs. 682-684.  Due  10/29/18

    Textbook Assignments for Unit 9 students Given daily and a list provided to each student.

    Wednesday-continued- Reproductive anatomy worksheets-due Friday before the tardy bell. Unit 9 students, Pretest pgs. 343-344. read chapter 26, ans. Assessment ?s 1-5, 9-16, 20-25, 29-34 pgs. 752-753 due Friday (day 1).

    Thursday-Review Tests.  Finish reproductive anatomy worksheets.  Work on chapters 16 and 24.  Unit 9 students-Day 1.

    Friday-Correct Reproductive Anatomy worksheets.  Study for quiz on reproductive anatomy which is Monday.  HW Reproductive Health Read Chapter 24, answer Chapter Assessment Questions 1-5, 8-12, 17-22, 26-31 pgs. 682-684.  Due  10/29/18.  Unit 9 students turn in day 1 assignments and pick up day 2 assignment and follow on assignment sheet.

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    Health Final Study Help?

    Expectations Spring 2017

    Answering Chapter Assessment Questions

    Generic Chapter Assessment ? Page Set-Up Example

    Writing Multiple Choice Questions 

    Writing Critical Thinking Questions and Answers

    Positive Prevention Student Workbook

    Project TND Student Workbook


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