• Welcome to Mr. Frutos' Distance Learning Classroom.


    First Day Back for Blended Learners!:

    Our first day back in person will be on March 23rd (3/23)! The following link will take you to a callander for all days with blended learning, but I will include here the schedule for our first day back on 3/23:


    First Day Back Tuesday March 23rd

    Cohort A Day!

    Period 1    7:30-8:24                    Period 4a    11:15-12:09

    Period 2     8:34-9:31                    Period 4b  10:45-11:39   

    Period 3     9:41-10:35                     Lunch 2     11:39-12:09

           Lunch 1     10:35-11:05                       Period 5     12:19-1:13

                                                                   Period 6      1:23-2:17

    Contact Information


    Email is the best way to contact me with any questions you may have. I am commited to responding to all student and parent emails within 24 hours on weekdays

    Class Access

    We will be using Google Classroom to post and submit Electronic Assignments. Each student will be joined to a Google Classroom automatically (or will recieve and access code to enter that class. This access code will be sent to your student email, so check it often!). If you have any difficulties email me ASAP!!!

    Mr. Frutos' Class Schedule

    Period 1 Prep

    Period 2 Integrated Math 2 Honors

    Period 3 Integrated Math 3

    Period 4 Integrated Math 2 Honors

    Period 5 Integrated Math 2

    Period 6 Integrated Math 3