• HSA published its very first newspaper edition in Ocotber of 2015, and it just estblished the goal of publishing five newspapers every school year begining with the 2016-17 school year.  The editions will appear in September, November, January, March and May.

    HSA students from all grade levels write articles for the HSA newspaper.  Also, HSA students write their articles on their own time ouside of the school day, and they meet during lunch to select which pictures and images will showcase their articles.  For each new edition, HSA taps different students to write articles; hence, numerous HSA students are provided with the opportunity of writing an article. 

    HSA's newspapers include the following areas of focus:  HSA Student Spotlight, HSA Parent Spotlight, HSA Teacher Spotlight, HSA Alumni Spotlight, Internships, Field Trips, Book Reviews (books on the HSA reading list), Controversial Health Science Issues, Informative Health Science Topics, etc. 

    HSA forwards its newspapers to the District's junior highs, the District's board members, Chino Champion, various members of the Academy's Advisory Board (E.g.  Chino Valley Medical Center, Priceless Pets, etc.), etc.

    Please check out our past newspaper editions.


    Health Science Academy