Welcome to Sr. Gómez's Distance Learning Classroom



    Student/Parent communication will be through email:



    Grades will be available through Aeries. 

    Classwork and Assessment will be posted and submitted through Google Classroom.


    Create a Google Classroom account and enter the class code below (many students have automatically been registered by the District):


    Period 1 - 

    Period 2 - 

    Period 3 - 

    Period 4 - 

    Period 5 - 

    Spanish speakers 1 - 

    Spanish speakers 2H - 


    For Periods 1 through 5, the Meet Link will be in the upper left hand corner.


    For Period 6 (Spanish speakers 1 & 2H), to access the Meet Link go to Classwork > Virtual Classroom)





    (Please check for updates daily)