Welcome to Sr. Gómez's Distance Learning Classroom



    Student/Parent communication will be through email:


    Virtual Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 11AM-1PM 

    Grades will be available through Aeries. 

    Classwork and Assessment will be posted and submitted through Edmodo.


    Create an EDMODO account and enter the class code below by Period by

    March 30th


    Period 1 - ut7dz8

    Period 2 - dee5kw

    Period 3 - 5vgbip

    Period 4 - 7habkq

    Period 5 - k6adyy

    Period 6 - mzpja8


    Assignments and Virtual Office Hours will begin March 30th.

    Please email me first with your questions and, if needed, we will make an appointment during the class Virtual Hours.


    (Please check for updates daily)




    Assignments (Homework/Class work)

    -All assignments will be submitted through EdModo. 

    -The week's assignments will post on Monday (6AM) and are due on Sunday (11:59PM).

    -Assignments will be checked/graded weekly.

    -Assignments will receive Credit if complete or No Credit if incomplete.

    -Late Assignments will receive No Credit starting April 20th, 2020.

    -Please follow the instructions carefully for each assignment.


    Assessments (Quizzes/Tests)

    -Assessments will be submitted through Edmodo.

    -Assessments will be on Wednesdays from 7:30AM to 2:30PM.

    -Students will have a 7-hour window to complete.

    -Assessments will be timed and will take no less than 15 minutes or no more than 60 minutes.

    -Once opening the assessment (Quiz) on Edmodo, the timer will begin and will continue to run even if you log out.

    -Assessments are bi-weekly and will begin on April 15th. Please save the following dates and complete the assessments during the allotted time (7:30AM to 2:30PM):

                -April 15th                                 -April 29th                                 -May 13th

    -Preplan for testing situations to ensure uninterrupted span of time.

    -Assessments are Pass/Fail. If you pass the assessment with a 70% or above, you will receive Credit. If you earn a 69% or below, No Credit.


    Final Exam

    -The Final will be worth 10% of your grade.

    -The Final will take place on Wednesday, May 27th, from 7:30AM to 2:30PM. Save the date.

    -Students will be given 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete within the allotted time.

    -Once opening the Final, the timer will begin and will continue to run even if you log out.

    -Preplan for testing situations to ensure uninterrupted span of time.

    -The Final is Pass/Fail. If you pass the Final with a 70% or above, you will receive Credit. If you earn a 69% or below, No Credit.


    Students will need to create an account at Edmodo.com

    After creating an Edmodo account, please make sure to have your FIRST and LAST NAME registered in your profile.

    Please make sure to always remember your Edmodo USERNAME and PASSWORD. Write it down somewhere in case you forget. This tends to happen often to students.

    If you forget your password, please let me know through my teacher email and I can help you reset it. Do not make another account. (see below for more information)


    Turning in homework assignments

    When uploading images to turn in your assignments from a device, follow these steps: ‌

    1) View the assignment

    2) Turn in assignment

    3) Attach Assignment

    4) Take photo (repeat if more than one)

    5) On Assignment note type "Attached" or Title of assignment

    6) Submit assignment ‌

    On a computer, save the photo to your desktop, then upload as a file. ‌ Let me know if you have questions.


    Students may need to submit their work in Edmodo in these ways if instructed to do so. Here is the process:

    Please view the link below to learn how to submit an assignment in Edmodo:  

    1) Open the assignment ‌

    2) You then have 3 easy options: ‌

    1. a) CREATE a "Text Response" ‌
    2. b) CREATE "Word Document" ‌
    3. c) ATTACH "File from Computer" ‌

    3) Double check your answers. ‌

    4) TURN IN ASSIGNMENT (to the right of CREATE and ATTACH)

    *If you turn in a Google Doc link, make sure to give my teacher email permission to view your documents. If I am not able to view assignments, they will receive No Credit.


    Did you forget your username or password?

    If you forget your username or/and your password, please email me at: 


    You can change your password only if you know your previous one. The only way to change it if you don’t is to email me and I will reset it for you. Then I recommend you change it to a password you will remember. Write down your username and password in your notebook so you won’t forget.



    100-90% = A                      89-80% = B       79-70% = C               69-60% = D           59% Below = F


    Assessment = 60% of grade


    Quizzes / Tests     50%                Final  10%  

    Effort = 40% of grade


    Homework/Class Work             40%


    TOTAL = 100%




    Students, please review the syllabus with a parent/guardian.   Copy the statement below on a sheet of paper or your notebook and sign below with parent/guardian: (Students will turn in signed statement via Edmodo for Credit)


    I have reviewed Sr. Gómez´s Distance Learning Classroom Syllabus and am aware of all the necessary requirements and procedures to be successful in class.


    X _________________________________________________                       

        Student Signature


    X _________________________________________________                      

        Parent/Guardian Signature