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    Instructor:  Raúl Gómez                                                     

    Email:  raul_gomez@chino.k12.ca.us

    Platforms: Google Classroom/Meet/Aeries /Quizlet/Flipgrid


    I.  Summary Course Description and Learning Goals:  

    • This World Language course will place students on the path of a four-year program of language development where students fulfill A-G requirements in order to be eligible for college admittance and prepare them for Advanced Placement courses.  Students will also learn career readiness skills through language acquisition. 
    • Students will use Spanish for interpersonal communication with each other and in the community in order to interact and negotiate meaning in spoken, written conversations to share information, reactions, feelings, and opinions. 
    • Students will differentiate between conversational and academic Spanish and use when appropriate.   
    • Students will gain interpretive communication skills for understanding, interpreting and analyzing what is heard, read or viewed on a variety of topics.   
    • Students will use Spanish for presentational communication where they will present information, concepts, and ideas to inform, explain, and narrate on a variety of topics using appropriate media and adapting to various audiences of listeners, readers, or viewers. 


    II. Course Requirements: All World Language courses are 1 year.  Students may be dropped at the end of the first semester if they do not meet the requirements.  Students must pass the previous level before advancing. 


    III. Classroom Rules and Behavior Expectations: Please click on  Distance Teaching and Learning Classroom Expectations.

    The teacher expects students to adhere to the school’s code of conduct/academic integrity, dress code policy which can be found in the student handbook.  Students are expected to behave in an orderly and respectful manner.  Students who display academic dishonesty will earn a zero on the assignment.  Will conference with student, contact parent, and referral to Counselor/Administration.  Students are responsible to have all necessary classroom materials.


    Not adhering to the following rules may affect the student’s classroom grade and or citizenship grade: 

    • Be in class on time and ready to learn 
    • Bring necessary materials
    • Remain in assigned seat
    • Raise hand for comment/ask or answer questions 
    • Texting, screenshots or recording of any kind by the student during class is prohibited 
    • Personal items such as sunglasses, make-up, cell phones or any electronic device are to remain turned off in student’s backpack or purse during class time. Unauthorized personal items will be collected and must be picked up by parent in the administration office.
    • Gum chewing, writing on desks, grooming, food or drinks are prohibited.


    IV.  Consequences:  Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if student breaks any classroom rules.

    1. Oral warning or conference with student 
    2. Assignment of detention
    3. Parent contact or concern check 
    4. Counselor referral 
    5. Administrative referral 


     V.  Absences/Tardy/Truancy Policy & Consequences: Students will abide by the absence/tardy/truancy policy implemented by the Chino Hills High School Administration and District Policy.  



    VIGrading Policy: 

    All Make-Up Work  must be completed within one day of absence. Missing assignments will be displayed on Aeries/Google Classroom for student/parents.  All work must be completed and ready to turn in at the beginning of the class period and/or assigned due date.  Late or incomplete assignments will not be accepted.  If student is truant on day of test/quiz or oral presentation, may result in an “F” or zero grade. 


             Semester Grade: 

    • 60% Assessments (Quizzes/Tests/Final) 
    • 40% Effort (Class work/Homework/Participation
    • 100% Total


                  Grading Scale 

    95% to 100% A+      93% to 94.9%   89.5% to 92.9% A-

    87% to  89.49%  B+    83% to 86.9%  B   79.5% to 82.9%  B-

    77%  to 79.49   C+     73% to 76.9%   C     69.5% to 72.9% C-

    67% to 69.49% D+     63% to 66.9% D      59.5% to 62.9% D-

    59.49% and below F 




               1-Be prepared to have classwork everyday

               2-Classwork becomes homework if not completed in class

               3-Not engaging in communicative activities/participating may result in a 0 for daily classwork

               4-Classwork will be checked for credit if submitted on due date (Check Google Classroom)

               5-Assignments are worth 10 points if complete, 0 points if incomplete.

               6-Copying classwork will result in a ZERO for the assignment


               8-Incomplete/missing assignments may result in a Detention.

               9-Bring all materials to class



    In order for you to learn a foreign language well, it is imperative that you not be absent at all during the school year. Obviously there will be times in which it is inevitable.  It is your (the student’s) responsibility to find out what you missed (Make sure to check the calendar on SchoolWires/Google classroom for daily Agenda). Each time you miss class you miss a great deal of language acquisition and practice time and it may be difficult to catch up.

    If absent, tests and quizzes must be made up UPON RETURN.

    Missing assignments will earn NO CREDIT if turned in late. If you are going to be absent for an extended period of time, arrangements will be made.


    IX. TARDY POLICY: Arriving late to class is disruptive. Respect your peers, be on time to class, and be ready to learn. A hall pass is MANDATORY upon entering the class. Please refer to Possible Consequences for Classroom Disobedience.


    X.CELLPHONE/ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Use of phones or electronic devices in the classroom are allowed for classroom assignments and as an academic resource. Students are not allowed to use devices to call, text or post on social media. A system will be in place for using phones in the classroom.

    XI. EXTRA-CREDIT: Students will have opportunities for extra credit points in the Classwork category. Students are given homework passes (stamps) in their notebooks to turn in assignments that are past due for partial credit upon submitting completed assignments. Partial credit means half or less points will be given after reviewing the completion of the assignments. The passes/stamps also function as Restroom passes. This procedure was established in my class to give students an incentive to stay in class. If students use their passes, they are still allowed to go to the restroom. Passes not used at the end of the semester will receive extra-credit in the gradebook.


    Please note:  Students must demonstrate mastery of subject matter on Tests and Quizzes to pass the class.  Completion of all assignments will not constitute a passing grade.  Parental involvement plays an integral part in student success and supporting language learning at home.  The text is available online for student use at phSchool.com and on the teacher's website.  It is recommended that all students review the previous/day’s lesson a minimum of 10-15 minutes each night. Please feel free to contact me at any time.  I will work with parents to ensure student success. 



    E-MAIL: raul_gomez@chino.k12.ca.us

    PHONE: (909) 606-7540 EXT. 5158.


    ROOM 158



    Copy and sign statement below on page 1 of notebook:


    Thank you for reviewing the classroom syllabus. Changes have been made for the Second Semester. Please sign below, both parent/guardian and student, to confirm you have access to my syllabus on my school web page. If you have any questions, you can best reach me via school email:


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