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  • Welcome Husky Students and Parents!


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  • PSAT Oct 2017

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  • Parent Portal (On-line grade report)


    Parents are encouraged to access their child's grades via the Aeries Parent Portal. Visit our Records Office (with parent ID) for information and required pass code. If your child's teacher does not use this report, parents are encouraged to email or call the teacher with questions about grades/achievement/behavior.



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  • ASVAB:


    The ASVAB Test will be administered on Tuesday, October 17. Sign-up in the Career Center, room 172.



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  • Off Campus Lunch Passes:


    Lunch pass application information will be posted on the website. Please check back for information on application distribution. (Students may not leave campus until application is completed. Juniors are eligible with a 3.5 or higher GPA, Seniors with a 2.0 or higher GPA. Parent will be required to come to the school to sign the application before pass is issued.)



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  • Parking Passes:


    Students will pick up an application (obtain information) at the Student Store during the first week of school. Parking passes will be required starting Week 3 of school. Failure to have a parking pass properly posted on the vehicle will result in a citation (After week 2 of school).



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  • Schedule Issues/Requests to speak to a counselor:


    Students can see a counselor after school (12:30-3:30) on Monday, 8/14,  for the following reasons:

    *Missing a class for graduation or college admission or has less than 6 classes on the schedule in error

    *In the wrong level course (dropping an honors or AP course requires parent written permission)

    *Need to add a Work Experience, Free Period (Seniors only), Teacher/Office Aide (Seniors only with teacher/parent permission) or ROP class

    *Need to drop a class that was taken during summer

    *Has two classes during the same period or has more than 6 classes on the schedule in error


    The following requests cannot be accommodated:

    *Want to move a class to another period

    *Want to change a teacher (unless student previously failed with same teacher)


    For other questions, please meet with your counselor for an appointment starting 8/28. You are encouraged to email the counselor if you have other questions.


    *Please note: if student does not stay after school on Monday, they will see a counselor during the period in which they are missing a class or have two classes during the same period. For all other changes (wrong level class, etc.), student needs to come to the counseling office after school...last day to make changes will be Friday of the first week of school. We appreciate your patience as there may be an extended wait to see the counselor after school. *Schedules may be changed by administration for balancing purposes during the first few weeks of school.


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  • Athletic Issues:


    Parents can be connected to the Athletic Department for information and to contact a coach.



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  •  Register to Report an Absence

    If you have not already done so, please scroll to the top of the screen to register for our website. This will allow you to report your student's absence online. It will also allow you to subscribe (under school links) to our site to receive regular updates. 
    Thank you,
    CHHS Administration 

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