Contact Information:


    Charms Login Information:

    How to access your Charms account: 

    1. Go to the website: charmsoffice.com
      1. Go to Login icon at the top right corner of the site
      2. Click on Parent/Student/member login
    2. School code: Chinohills (one word)
    3. Enter your student's Student Area Password. This is your student’s birthdate month/date/year (070305)
    4. It will ask you to change your password
      1. Re-enter your student's password
      2. Change password
        1. Make sure it is a password that both you and your student will remember
      3. Fill in:
        1. Students Address
        2. Students Cell
        3. Students Grade Level
        4. Students Birthdate
        5. Students Shirt size
          1. Press the Save button
        6. “Add Adult”
          1. Fill out the information for each of the parents
            1. Email and Cell are a MUST
          2. Complete the volunteer section at the top right corner
          3. Press the Save button