• Welcome to Mr.Lanathoua's Distance Learning Classroom!   Please check back here for daily lessons on your classroom page on March 30.
    Vote for your favorite songs at La Manie Musicale!  Here is the voting page:  Manie Musicale
    Please contact me by email at gilbert_lanathoua@chino.k12.ca.us
    You will also be using Google Classroom, please enjoy your Spring break and we'll see you ONLINE SOON! 
                                                                   You will still use Yale's award winning French in Action.
                                                                 Watch the videos by clicking here  https://beta.learner.org/series/french-in-action/
     Before each lesson, practice the vocabulary on QUIZLET (click here)  
    You will be tested on this vocabulary after each lesson. 
     Homework grade is based on what you do on DUOLINGO (click here)