• Standard Announcement


    Welcome to Mr. Tran Distance Learning Classroom

    Instructions will be given in my google classroom daily.



     Contact information


    Email: cesar_tran@chino.k12.ca.us


     Virtual office hours 


    Tuesday and Wednesday

    Mornings are from 7:30  -8:15

    Afternoons are from 1:35 - 2:20



     DL Classroom Norms


    1. On Time: Should log into class via Google Meets from Google Classroom

    2. Video On: Just like if you were in class. 

    3. Video Ettiquette: Sit up, no hidden faces, dress appropriately

    4. Mute: Use the Nod extension to raise your hand.  

    5. Chat Box: Use to ask questions.  No side chatters.


    Instructional Plans


    See Google Classroom

    6th period PE class code: q5qux6l

    1st period AP 1 class code: 
    2nd period AP 1 class code: 
    2nd period AP 2 class code: 
    4th period Physics class code: 
    5th period Physics class code: