• Welcome to Mrs. Hernandez's English 11AP (English Language and Composition AP) class page. This page is meant to supplement our class learning; this page is NOT a substitute for taking in-class notes. Any information given in class and not yet updated to the site will always take precedence, including changes to due dates and assignment requirements. There is NO substitute for being both physically and mentally present in the classroom every day!

    This AP-level course is designed to prepare students for the nationally administered exam given in May. More than that, however, the class' goal is to create students who have the ability to think critically, to read critically, and to write coherently and clearly. Our focus of study will be on non-fiction, but we do cover some fiction works as well. In addition, we read, study, discuss, dissect newspaper columns, essays, letters, and political cartoons. The class demands commitment in both effort and time and involves individual as well as collaborative work. Workshops and teacher conferences are also part of the course.


    We use a Google Classroom for this class. Join codes have been provided in class, and only students enrolled in the class may join, using their CVUSD email accounts. Parents/guardians, if you would like to join your child's class webpage, please send me an email at Robyn_Hernandez@chino.k12.ca.us and I will send you a parent invite. 


    Education Code Section 49011 (a) states: ‘A pupil enrolled in a public school shall not be required to pay a pupil fee for participation in an educational activity.