•  If you are in either Digital Video or Digital Media (periods 1, 2, & 6), your assignments will be provided via Google Classroom going forward. Please use the following class link 5e24kfu to join (you must be using your school account, not a personal one). Email me if you have trouble joining the class.


    Husky Highlights students - please join the existing Remind @huskyhig and stay posted. Join through the app or text @huskyhig to 81010


    Hills Report students - please join the NEW Remind @hillsrep and stay posted. Join through the app or text @hillsrep to 81010.


    Contact Information

    Email: michael_rolland@chino.k12.ca.us


    Virtual Office Hours

    Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8AM-10AM


    Updated Syllabus (reflecting distance learning)

    • Students will submit their assignments via Google Classroom.
    • Assessments will be administered online via Google Classroom intermittently at assigned times.
    • Grades and feedback to assignments and assessments can be accessed via Aeries.


    Project 18 is no longer a required assignment, but I will accept it up until April 3 as an extra credit assignment. Meanwhile, if there are any projects you had not completed prior to school closing, I will accept them for up to half credit up until the end of the semester - check below for all of this semester's projects so far, and email me if you have any questions. 

    Previous Projects:


Screenwriting Instructions