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    In my classroom, my philosophy is that every student has the right to learn and I have the right to teach.  Students will be held to high standards of pride, respect, and responsibility.  I am ineffably honored and excited to be your English teacher this year, and I look forward to contributing toward your continuing academic success!

    The best way to contact me is via email (see above), but I can also be reached at the number listed above (though I strongly recommend email).  Please do so if you have any questions or concerns about the course.

    Office Hours:
    If English academic assistance is needed, I am available daily by appointment before school, during lunch, or after school until 3:30pm Monday-Thursday and 3:00pm on Friday, unless I specify otherwise. Be proactive with your education and yourself by asking for help if you need it. 

    * My expectations are that all students demonstrate the following:

    Respect for all classmates and adults
    Responsibility for work and conduct
    Readiness (being prepared daily with what you see under “Right Now” on the board) to learn upon arrival
    Participation in the daily activities, discussions, and lessons

    Student ID:

    Do not be that student who seems to never have their student ID on them. You get this for free at the start of the year, it is needed for several important aspects of your academic year, and it comes with a $10 replacement fee if you do lose it.

    Independent Reading (SSR):

    - English CP students must read 300 pages every six weeks (English Dept. Policy).
     * English Honors students must read 500 pages every six weeks (English Dept. Policy).

    -Purchasing books is not required; you may obtain a book from the school’s or a public library for free (as long as you return it on time!).

    -There will be a written and/or oral book report assessment (5% of grade) due at the end of each grading period (as assigned).
    - Page counts do not carry over from one grading period to the next.  For instance, if you decide to read Leo Tolstoy's 1440-page War and Peace, it will only count for one grading period (not 4+ for CP or 2+ for Honors).

    - There is a document available on Mr. Rolland’s website that contains a list of recommended reading books from various genres. If you need help choosing a book, all books on that list are automatically approved.
    - Books that are read as part of our course curriculum cannot be used for SSR unless otherwise specified.
    - Remember our two stipulations for SSR books:


    1. Books that have been made into a movie are not acceptable. If you’re not sure if the book of your choice has a movie version, do a simple Google search for the book’s title or check on IMDB (i.e., maybe two minutes of research required).


    1. For most grading periods, you must select books that are novels (i.e., contains chapters, characters, a plot, etc.) and are at a reading level appropriate for a high school student.  For instance, I will not accept books like the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Red Pyramid series, Lemony Snicket books, etc. (3rd graders are reading these!).  I offer a lot of liberty with book selection, but you must read books with an appropriate Lexile level.  If you are not sure about a book, please ask.  However, if you bring a book that I did not approve to your book interview and/or submit a book report for it, I either will not accept your work and you will receive a zero or I may heavily deduct points from your grade.


    - As long as the book follows these guidelines, I will allow it.  However, the appropriateness of any given book is between students and parents/guardians.  When a SSR book is brought to me, I am under the assumption that the student has been given permission to read that particular book.  Therefore, I strongly urge students to communicate the book they would like to read to parents/guardians prior to bringing it to me.


    * Classroom Policies/Procedures


    -Tardiness: My very simple tardy policy is that everyone is in his or her assigned seat when the bell rings. If you fail to do so, you will be marked late.


    -End of Period: Whether there are 30 minutes or 30 seconds remaining in class, students are required to have what’s needed out and remain in their seats until either I announce the lesson is over or the bell rings. If I announce the lesson is over and there is still time in class, the time that is left will be used for SSR or to remain in your assigned seat until the bell rings. Anyone violating this policy will receive disciplinary action.


    -Absences: Upon returning from an absence, it is your responsibility to find out about make-up work, whether it’s from a friend or me. You have the number of days you were absent to make up any work (unless specified otherwise). All completed work must be turned in directly to me by the correct due date to receive credit. Always communicate with me ASAP if you have problems with or questions about absent work.


    -Late assignment policy: Late assignments are not accepted in the English department at any time. Major assignments will have a two-day grace period during which assignments may be turned in for docked points. In the case of emergencies, extended absences, or accommodations, missing or late work will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If you try to sneak something in after a deadline or continuously fail to submit work, you will face censure, a phone call or email to your parents/guardians from yours truly, and potential discipline.


    -Grading policy: Grades will be determined on the basis of total possible points in three weighted categories: Classwork & Homework (35%), Assessments (60%), SSR/Book Reports (5%).


    -Verbal abuse or disrespect towards classmates/teachers will not be tolerated at any time, for any reason. Period. Any offenses will be treated very seriously, on a case-by-case basis.


    The first day of school is Monday, August 24.
    "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!" - Dante
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