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    Welcome to Ms. Olivas’ Classroom!


    Contact Information

    Available Monday - Friday

    Email: miranda_olivas@chino.k12.ca.us

    Cell: Text message and/or Phone call. Available for calls between: 7:40-8:20am or 1:35-2:20pm.

    Announcements: I will post announcements on Google Classroom and/or Personal messages.

    Google Classroom

    Class Access:

    You are required daily to join GoogleMeet for lessons. GoogleClassroom will be used to access the GoogleMeet link, classwork, and for you to submit assignments. Each student recieved a "class" code that was sent to their student e-mail. If you have any difficulties, contact me immediately.  Classlink is a website that provides quick and easy access to student email, apps, and bookmarked websites. Such apps we will use include: GoogleClassroom, Office 365, HMH (System 44), and various reading comprehension websites.


    Virtual Office Hours: 

    These are the hours that I will be available on Google Meet for questions regarding assignments, schedules, and other school work concerns. You will find the link to join my virtual office hours in my Google Classroom on the main banner.

      • Monday: 1:55pm - 2:20pm
      • Wednesday & Friday: 7:30am - 8:15am

    Virtual Learning

    • Distance Learning Expectations
      • At the start of the period, you will join Google Meet meetings for daily lessons. Be on time folks!
      • Attendance is required during school hours. 
      • Daily, you will need to log into GoogleClassroom for electronic assignments. 
        • You will need to use your school e-mail and password to access GoogleClassroom. 
        • Assignments will be posted daily and there, I will break for an "Independent Work" period, so you can have time to complete the assignment with staff.
          • Please let me know if you need an extension.
        • You will recieve feedback and grades, once submitted.
      • Please read the content under the "Expectations" tab for more information.



    What im looking like  



    Traditional Class Syllabus is found under the "Trad. Syllabus" tab.