Welcome to Ms. Olivas' Distance Learning Classroom for the 2020 Extended School Year! 

    Instructing from: June 24th - July 10th 




    Hello Students and Families, 

    I am Ms. Olivas. I will be teaching the second half of ESY. I hope you had a nice experience with Ms. Bradley. Even though, I wish we could have met in the classroom and enjoyed many summer activities, I'm happy we have Zoom available! Let's make the best of our two short weeks! I am so thankful for your desire to keep learning & to keep the skills you worked so hard during school maintained. In the mean time have a safe, healthy, and fun summer.



    Updated Syllabus: Please list your expectations that students are to log in daily to access the curriculum, grading criteria, attendance, and any other pertinent information.



    Coursework is outlined on each course checklist and assignments are aligned with district standards and IEP goals:

    • Click on the link to the left to access your weekly assignments.
    • Email me directly or join my Zoom office hours for instruction, materials, and access. (offer at least two days a week) 
    • Your email will receive a response within 24 hours.
    • Email address: miranda_olivas@chino.k12.ca.us
    • Office Hours: (list days and times) or e-mail me for an appointment