• Welcome to Mr. De La Torre's Website!

    Here you will find information regarding your respective classes. Click the links to familiarize yourself with the website and its functionality. Remember to check the website daily for updates on assignments. 

  • Directions for First Day of School

    (Read all information completely and thoroughly!) 


    1)Log into Google Classroom

    • Go to classroom.google.com and click Go to Classroom.
    • Log into your Google Account using your school credentials. (Username and password provided by District) 
    • Select your respective class. 
    • If you are unable to Log into Google Classroom, it will be ok! Links to the Live Meeting will be posted below and in the course page. Just make sure you are signed into your Google Account.
    • Email me if you are unable to access the Live Meeting. 

    2) Attend Live Meeting.

    • Once in Google Classroom, you can access the Live Course by clicking the link on the Top Right of the page.
    • OR you can click on the links provided below. However, make sure you are signed into Google using your school credentials.   

    Times for first day are listed below and links for each period. 

    MRWC  Period 1 7:30 - 8:02         -----> Link to First day of Class     

    IM3      Period 2 8:12 - 8:44        -----> Link to First day of Class   

    IM3      Period 3 8:54 - 9:26         -----> Link to First day of Class  

    IM3      Period 4 9:36 - 10:08       -----> Link to First day of Class   

    MRWC  Period 5 10:18 - 10:50     -----> Link to First day of Class   

    Lunch 10:50 - 11:20 

    IM3     Period 6 11:30 - 12:02       -----> Link to First day of Class

    Office Hours: 12:07 - 12:32         -----> Link to First day of Class


  • On this webpage you will find access to:

    1. Important announcements
    2. Important worksheets and Resources
    3. Schedule of topics
    4. Upcoming homework, quizzes and tests.



    • Make sure to take some time to familiarize yourself with the website.


    • Read the syllabus on your respective subject and know the overall structure of the class. 
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