• CHHS Banner  2023-2024 Schedule


    Period 1: English 9 Honors

    Period 2: Yearbook

    Period 3: English 9 Honors

    Period 4: AVID Seminar

    Period 5: AVID Seminar


    Codes for Google Classroom can be found on Aeries. All work completed in Google Classroom must be completed through your school email account.

    *Parents or guardians who wish to access Google Classroom should email Mr. Edwards to receive updates.

    Contact Information:

    • Email: zachary_edwards@chino.k12.ca.us
    • Remind (for Yearbook only): code is located on Google Classroom 


    Google Classroom Notes:

    • Students will turn in all of their work on Google Classroom unless otherwise noted. Students should follow the guidelines listed on each individual assignment for all turn-in deadlines. 
    • Feedback for assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. Grades will be posted on Aeries.


    Level 2 Google Certified Educator