Please refer to student handbook for detailed Academic Honesty Policy (description/consequences)
    Chino Hills High School is committed to maintaining academic honesty.  
    Honesty is the essence on which all human relationships are founded.

    Personal Responsibilities
    • Students:  To follow the academic honesty policies.  A student who is aware of another student’s academic dishonesty is to report the incident to the instructor of the class or administrator.
    • Faculty:  The instructors will fully support the philosophy of academic honesty
    • Administrator:  To address cases of academic dishonesty from the disciplinary standpoint.  Each case referred to the administration will be reviewed and appropriate action taken.  The administration has the responsibility to ensure that the school-wide guidelines regarding student discipline are met to ensure academic honesty at Chino Hills High School.
    • Parents:  Parents are to reinforce the guidelines of academic honesty with their son/daughter.  They will support the efforts of the faculty and staff to ensure their students practice academic honesty.

    ACADEMIC DISHONESTY INCLUDES (but is not limited to):
    • Plagiarism:  Plagiarism is intentionally or knowingly presenting words, ideas, or work of others as one’s own work.  This includes copying homework, copying lab reports, copying computer programs, using work or a portion of work written or created by another but not crediting the source, using one’s own work completed in a previous class for credit in another class without permission or paraphrasing other’s work without giving credit. A student who provides their own work or test information to another student may also be disciplined for "sharing" work and/or test information.
    • Cheating:  This includes unauthorized “cheat sheets,” copying from another, looking at another student’s exam, opening books when not authorized to do so, obtaining advance copies of exams, and changing answers.  Rules concerning cheating will be enforced at all times.
    • Unauthorized Use of Study Aids:  This includes using old lab reports, having others perform one’s share of lab or group work, and using any material prohibited by the instructor.
    • Falsifying Documents: This includes signatures on forms, letters, attendance excuses, and documents that represent Chino Hills High School.
    *Note:  The above definitions are similar to the surrounding universities, state, and junior colleges.  The demands of students in college would then be a continuation of the same policies that are used at Chino Hills High School.

    Consequences may include, but are not limited to the following 
    • Zero grade on work, notation on report card
    • Possible loss of class and/or credits
    • Parent notification
    • Referral to counselor and/or administrator 
    • Detention and other discipline