Chapter 1265 s

    CSF is a statewide organization whose motto is “Scholarship for Service.”  Its purpose is to recognize and honor superior scholarship and citizenship through chapters in California high schools.  

    Membership is neither automatic nor compulsory.  Students must complete the required application form, and include a photocopy of the report card for the previous semester.  Deadline to join is always at the end of the first 6-week grading period of the current semester. Notices are put in the student bulletin and application forms are available in the school library.

    Membership is for one semester only. Each semester, qualifying students must return the application form and $5 dues payment to the CHHS Student Store before the end of the first 6-week grading period.  Sometimes dues are waived.

    Membership qualifications:

    • Students must earn a minimum of ten points in a maximum of five classes.  Seven points must be earned from courses on Lists I or II.  At least four of the seven must be earned in courses from List I.  Seniors may have all 7 points from List II only. The three remaining points may be earned from subjects on any of the three lists.
    • CSF points are calculated as follows:
    • A grade of “A” in a subject which grants 5 semester credits = 3 CSF points
    • A grade of “B” in a subject which grants 5 semester credits = 1 CSF point
    • One additional point may be granted for a grade of A or B in an AP or Honors course.  No more than two such points can be used per semester.
    Membership is denied by:
    • A grade of  “D” or “F” in any subject for the semester
    • A “U" or more than one “N" in Citizenship or Work habits
    • Missing enrollment deadline or due dates
    • Evidence of poor citizenship or disciplinary action

    No CSF points shall be given for teacher aide, office aide, lab assistant, physical education or courses taken in lieu of physical education, or repeated courses. Students who take college courses as a part of their normal class load should see the CSF advisor. See the CSF advisor before listing any Summer School courses on your application.

    Life Member (Gold Seal Bearer) requirements:

    • Students who attain CSF membership in at least four of the last six high school semesters (grades 10-12 only), with at least one semester being in the senior year, are eligible.
    Life Members receive CSF pin, Gold Seal on diploma, certificate, and Life Member notation on official school transcripts. Their names appear on a giant CSF Membership poster in the school library.  During the annual CHHS All-School Awards Night, Life Members are recognized and presented CSF Gold Tassels and Cords to wear at graduation.
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