CHHS - Theatre Course Information
  • Updated August 9th, 2021


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    Intro is a survey course. Students have an opportunity to learn acting skills in pantomime, improv, storytelling, solo and duet performance. This course also gives students an opportunity to learn basics in scriptwriting, set, lighting, costume, hair, and makeup design.


    This class requires an audition or reacher recommendation to participate. Students enrolled in Theatre Production will learn how a show at Chino Hills High School Theatre works. They are taught about basic acting techniques and how to work together as an ensemble to put on a great show. After months of rehearsal, students in this class will perform in a series of Student-Directed One-Acts at the end of the first semester. Some students may find that they want to come back for another year or move on into the Production and Performance class, and some may decide that performing is not for them and join Stage Tech and Design.


    This is an advanced, audition-only course designed to give students the opportunity to perform in a production at CHHS, with auditions and most rehearsals taking place during class time. This class performs a minimum of one one-act and a full-length published play a year in addition to a musical. There is a heavy emphasis in Musical Theatre with focus on: Building your solo repertoire Song as a monologue Creating strong, believable characters Performance techniques and styles This is not a course which only meets Monday through Friday for one period. We bring together many acting and tech students to produce quality shows. The students in this course may be holding rehearsals after school and will be helping to fundraise in order to put on our productions.


    Email Mrs. Rupe for more information or for an audition date & time.