Here is where you will find homework/classwork calendars to print, pdf format of the lecture presentations, current homework assignments and notification of upcoming assessments. 
    The dates on the calendars are subject to change as we find ourselves going through the material, so check the site on a regular basis
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  • Grades on Aeries:

    Grades are current as of 2/23.  The grades posted on Aeries are overall (mean) assessment, overall (mean) homework grades, and final grade (at the semester).  Grades on individual assignments have been provided to each student and are available by emailing Mr. McIntosh.  

    Integrated Math 1 has an additional category for Quizzes constituting 25% of the grade.

    Integrated Math 1 and Trig/PreCalc also have a participation grade constituting 5% of the overall grade.  Participation will be updated monthly.

    Categories for Prob/Stats and AP Stats are Assessments (75%) and Classwork/Homework (25%).

    Categories for Trig/PreCalc-Honors are Assessments (75%), Classwork/Homework (20%), and Participation (5%).

    Categories for Integrated Math 1 are Assessments (50%), Quizzes 25%, Classwork/Homework (20%), and Participation (5%).

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  • Calculator

    Students in Integrated Math 1, Trig/PreCalc-Honors, Probability/Statistics and AP Statistics should have a TI-84 calculator. They are on sale at Target, Staples, WalMart, etc but will not be on sale long after school starts.  Get one as soon as possible.  Should you be unable to purchase your own calculator there are some calculators available at the library to check out.  These may go quickly so you should get one as early as possible.

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  • For AP Stats the only summer work is to obtain a TI-84+ or TI-84CE calculator.  The NSpire and other manufacturers will work but I model the TI-84 and I am unfamiliar with the others.  Thus I will be of limited help with those calculators.  Enjoy your summer, relax and recharge.  Then come back prepared to work.

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  • Khan Academy

    I will point students to sections  in Khan Academy that relate to the current material.  I have not created assignments and no Khan Academy work will be graded.  Students can use Khan Academy videos, lessons, practice problems, and practice quizzes to supplement the classroom lessons.

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