• With the implementation of online learning the class procedures have obviously changed.  You are going to have to bear with me for this as I am learning as we go.  Some of what I do may seem low tech, but it is all high tech to me.

    Beginning on Aug 10 we will begin using Google Classroom.  Classes will be conducted remotely using GoogleMeets. Completed assignments will be turned in by inserting pictures of the completed work into Google Classroom.  I will post due dates as I complete the videos and upload the assignments.

    The pdfs of the lecture presentations are on SchoolWires as they have always been.

    Office hours have yet to be finalized.  The times will be  determined to minimize conflict with other courses.  I am attempting to learn to use Google Meets but we may use Zoom for office hours.  You can email me any time and I will reply several times a day.

    Good luck and stay away from each other.  You may be at low risk of contracting Covid-19 but you are not at low risk of being a carrier.  Think of others, not just yourself.  Do not share your air.

    Mr. McIntosh

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