2021-2022 CHHS Clubs

  • Club Name Advisor Days of Meeting Time Room
    Ace Club Mr. Lanathua Wednesday Lunch 155
    Art Club Mr. Reyes Second Friday of every month Lunch 260
    Asian Cultural Recognition Mr. Yoon Every other Wednesday Lunch 250
    Student Athlete Mr. Bergman Alternating Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays Lunch 190
    AP English/ Capstone Mrs. Lindemulder No Set Day No Set Time 273
    A Helping Hand Ms. Kuh First Thursday of month Lunch 130
    Badminton/ Ping Pong Club        
    Bark Podcasting Network Mr. Misawa Every Friday Lunch 267
    Best Buddies Mrs. Olivas Ask Mrs. Olivas - Lunch lunch 105
    Black Student Union Mr. Ford Mondays 2:30-3:30 pm Zoom
    Calligraphy and Chinese Painting Club Ms. Aguilera   Lunch 210
    CASC Mr. Wallace Every other Tuesday Lunch 261
    Club ED Mrs. Tasanont Thursdays Lunch 244
    Ceramics Mrs. Swalund Fridays After school (2:30-3:30) 176
    Creative Writing Club Mrs.Ramstack Every Tuesday  Lunch 132
    Care to Spare Ms. Gibo Every other Tuesday Lunch 204
    Computer Science Mr. Edwards Last Thursday of every month Lunch 272
    DECA Mrs. Acker Second Wednesday of every month Lunch 181
    D&D Club Mr. Lindemulder Wednesdays 2:45 PM 273
    Data Analysis Mrs. Chappel Tuesdays Lunch 234
    European Travel Club Mr. Erbst 1st/3rd of the Month Lunch 207
    Economics Club Mr. Leung First and third Thursday Lunch 251
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes Mr. Stevens Every other Tuesday Lunch Small Gym
    FDM (Fashion Club) Mrs. Schaik Every other Wednesday Lunch 136
    Club Francais (French Club) Mr. Lanathoua Tuesdays Lunch 155
    Fighting the Landlord (Card Game) Ms. Moore Every other Wednesday and Wednesdays after school every week Lunch 145
    Garden Club Mrs. Pennett Every Wednesday Lunch 151
    Club Gen (General) Mr. Campbell Fridays Lunch 301
    HSA Times Mr. Wiechert Fridays Lunch 131
    HSA (Health Science Academy) Mr. Morales Third Wednesday of every month Lunch Aquatics Center (Pool)
    Helping Our Youth Ms. Gibo Second Wednesday of every month 4:30-5:00 pm 204
    Husky Steppers Mrs. Williams Monday and Wednesday After school (2:30-3:30) 149 or gym
    Improv Club Mrs. Rupe Tuesdays 2:45-4:00 pm 191
    Key Club Mr. Misawa Every other Monday Lunch 267 or small gym
    K-Pop Mr. Yoon Fridays After School (2:50-3:00 pm) 250
    Kpop Dance Mrs. Tananont Every other Friday at school and after school meetings every Friday Lunch 241
    Kindness Mrs. Rutherford Wednesdays 2:45 PM 192
    Korean Culture Club Mr. Yoon First Friday of the month Lunch 250
    Latino Student Union Mr. Gomez Every other Wednesday Lunch 158
    LGBT+ Mr. Crow Every Thursday Lunch 210
    MSA (Muslim Student Association) Mr. Acker Every other Friday Lunch 230
    Magic Club Mr. Fawcett Fridays Lunch 233
    Marine Biology Mrs. Mathes TBD TBD 126
    Mindfulness Mrs. Spaun/ Behounek & Mr. Murphy first and third Monday of each month lunch 232
    National Honors Society        
    Numerous Priceless Opportunities Mrs. Schempp First Wednesday of every month Lunch 140
    Operation Smile Mr. Palmer Every first and third Wednesday Lunch 211
    Polynesian Club Ms. Garcia Every Thursday 3:00-5:00 pm 244 or mods
    Psychology Club Mr. Acker First Wednesday of every month Lunch 230
    Paws for a Cause Mr. Yoon Every Monday Lunch 250
    Red Cross Mr. Leung Every other Tuesday Lunch 251
    Realpolitik Paper Publishing Club Mrs. Hernandez Wednesday 12:00-12:21 pm 135
    Swim With Your Heart Ms. Miller First Tuesday of every month Lunch 133
    Solar Boat Team Mr. Misawa Tuesdays Lunch 267
    Space Club Mr. Tran Every other Monday Lunch 241
    Theatre Club Mrs. Rupe No set day No set time 191
    Thirst Project Ms. Gibo Once a month: Thursday 11:55-12:20 pm 204
    Volunteering in the Hills Ms. Garcia Wednesdays Lunch 244
    Video Game Club Mr. Leung Every other Friday Lunch 251