2023-2024 CHHS Clubs

    Club Name Advisor Purpose  Date of Meetings Room #
    A Helping Hand Club Rosemary Barnes To help alleviate the financial burdens and needs a children's hospital or medical facility might have.  2nd & 4th Wednesday @ lunch 301
    ACE Club (Active Catholics) Gilbert Lanathoua To create a safe welcoming environment forall to exercise and express their faith. 1st & 3rd Friday @ lunch 155
    Active Faith Miss Syiem To give students a peek into christianity, share devotions with other students to build a community Every Monday & lunch 237
    AP English / Capstone Club Char Lindemulder To support students in AP English & Capstone classes Advertised before each meeting 273
    APS  (Action Production Studios) Richard Ingrassia A digital and live filming club for LARP films to both make for school and for the world. 1st & 3rd Wednesday 3:30-4:30 263
    Art Club Mr. Reyes To provide students with the opportunity to discuss art topics, visit museums, galleries, and art shows in our area 2nd Thurs of each month 260
    Art of Music Velouria Bustos To bring joy to the community by performing in various places while giving members an opportunity to perform their instrument or sing to show off their musical talent 1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch 244
    ASR (Asian Cultural Recognition Club) Mr. Leung To expand student's understanding of Asian cultures, to spread awareness of discriminations and to build confidence 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 107
    AVID Lora Lawhorn To help students reach their goals in high school and out of high school by gaining the proper resources and opportunities to be successful 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 137
    Best Buddies Ms. Olivas/ Mrs Banuelos To help bridge the gap and create relationships between Special Ed kids and others on campus Advertised before each meeting 127
    Biological Science Club Brenda Arias To enrich students of Chino Hills HS beyond school science experiences and opportunities. Every Wednesday @ lunch 248
    Black Student Union Mr. Ford To promote awareness about social issue facing African Americans and to educate the CHHS student body about African American culture, history and contributions.  2nd & 4th Thursday @ lunch 266
    CASC (California Association of Student  Council Club) Adam Jacoby To improve the quality of life in the world by developing skilled, ethical and sensitive leaders with diverse backgrounds & culture 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ lunch 103
    Ceramics Club Alyssa Morales To expand the awareness of the ceramic arts on campus and support personal growth through self expression in clay. 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ lunch 176
    Chess Club Ms. Acker To provide an enjoyable and educational community for the game of chess 2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 205
    CHHS Amnesty International Chapter Adam Jacoby To aid humanitarian efforts of the US. Each month we choose a topic related to human rights to fundraise and volunteer.  1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 103
    Chinese Culture Club Ms. Yang To promote understanding of Chinese culture among the students in CHHS, and estable a platform for students to engage in activities 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ lunch 159
    Chinese Painting & Caligraphy Club Trevor Harden To teach students how do Chinese painting and caligraphy and to learn about Chinese art culture. Every Friday after school Center Ice
    Chino Hills Cars & Motorsport Club Catherine Kawa To educate students on the history of cars, motorsports and to entertain students using racing as a medium to learn basics in aerodynamics, engine developments and facility operations Every Wednesday @ lunch 215
    Club Ed Chirichan Tasanont To benefit and enhance the well-being of the community through volunteering at local school and promoting higher education Every Thursday @ lunch 241
    Connect 4 Cancer Mr. Tran To raise funds toward carncer research and raise awareness and support toward those affected by cancer. 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 240
    Crafting Kindness Club Brenda Arias To connect with each other by making crafts and sharing our passions and skills 2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 248
    Creative Writing Club Kori Teper To help encourage students to find their story through writing 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 138
    CSF (California Scholarship Federation) Noemi Hernandez To elevate standards of scholarship and service, we strive to offer recognition and scholarships to exceptional students who exhibit remarkable academic achievements 1st & 3rd Friday @ lunch 231
    Debate Club Mr. Jacoby To teach speech and debate Every Wednesday @ lunch 103
    DECA Melissa Robledo To nurture and equip future leaders and entrepreneurs in the fields of marketing, finance, hospitality and management.  2nd & 4th Monday @ lunch 181
    Derma Care Jazmie Garcia To help educate students about topics related to dermotology profession and raising awareness to serious skin diseases/conditions 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ lunch 251
    Desi Culture Club Mr. Jacoby To fight xenophobia and racism by educating about and celebrating Desi Culture through food games music & more. 1st & 3rd Friday @ lunch 103
    Dungeons and Dragons Club Richard Wallace To support students in learning how to collaborate with others and make friends through playing D & D.  Fridays 3:22-4:45pm during Fall   Tuesdays 3:22-4:45pm during Winter 261
    EFA (Education for All) Michelle Chappell To provide educational opportunities for those that have limited access to education. 1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch 234
    Fashion Club (FIDM) Jazmie Garcia To allow others to express their creativity in fashion through crafts and activities 1st & 3rd Friday @ lunch 251
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes Mr. Espinosa To encourage coaches and athletes to pursue a personal relationship with the Lord.  Every Thursday @ lunch 152
    Filipino Culture Club Gilbert Lanathoua To learn more and educate others about Filipino traditions, food, games and more.  2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 155
    FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Watkins/ Frutos To inspire and prepare students to become community minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experience. 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 302
    French Club Gilbert Lanathoua To enjoy and appreciate French culture 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ lunch 155
    Garage Band  Mr. De La Torre To teach, learn and make music while forming new connections with peers. Every Wednesday @ lunch 141
    Garden Club Madame Pennett To maintain & grow plants at our school's garden Every Wednesday @ lunch 151 & The garden
    Healing Hearts Club Mr. Morales To give back and unite the community though organized events  Every Tuesday @ lunch 235
    Health & Fitness Club Chris Stone To provide young students with a platform to engage in weightlifting and promote overall health.  Every Tues & Thurs @ lunch Weight room
    HEART Club (Healthy Education and Awarness for Relationships and Trust) Rosemary Barnes/ Mr. Hale To educate teens about difficult relationship situations and strategies to help them thrive in a college or adult environment including self defense and basic relationship communicaion that most teens are deprived of  1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch 301
    Heaven Bound Huskies Laura Rutherford To provide a space for open discussions, spiritual growth and acts of service , all while promoting unity, kindness and understanding. Every Thursday @ lunch 192
    Helping our Youth Paige Gibo To enrich the lives of children of the community through volunteer events Every Monday before school & lunch Wickman Elem. & Rm 204
    HOSA (Future Health Professionals) Mrs. Barnes To raise awareness and promote interest along with opportunities in the field of health science and health care.  1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 301
    HSA (Health Science Academy) Mr. Morales In association with HSA, to provide medical opportunities for students in person and virtually. And to promore the health field. 1st & 3rd Wednesday @ lunch Pool Deck
    HSA Times Mr. Wiechert To improve science and health literacy. Share HSA student experience and give the writers perspective on current healthcare topics. 2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 131
    Improv Club Mrs. Rupe To have fun and practice improvisational on the spot skills Every Thursday 3:30-5:00pm 190
    Interact Club Jazmine Garcia To emphasize the importance of community service by offering numerous volunteering activities while promoting team building and leadership skills 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ lunch 251
    Japanese Cultural Club Keane Misawa To experience elements of Japanese culture 1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch 267
    Karaoke Club Laura Rutherford To allow students with a passion for singing to lower stress levels through the musical outlet of karaoke. 2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 192
    Key Club Mrs Saari/ Fleischer To encourage and instill leadership in our members through serving others. We provide opportunities to earn volunteer hours by serving the community. 1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch Small Gym
    Kindness Club Mrs. Pennett To spread kindness and allow students to take lead for a positive cause hrough community service 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 151
    Korean Club Samuel Leung To allow students on campus to learn more about Korean culture and life while doing fun activities 1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch 107
    K-Pop Dance Club Mr. Leung To prove a vibrant and inclusive platform for students who share a passion for KPOP music and dance.  Every Friday 3:30 - 5:00pm 30's Quad
    LBA (Lunchtime Basketball Association) Mrs. Tasanont  To educate students on the game of basketball and allow them to have fun playing with friends 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ lunch Basketball court
    Letters of Joy Velouria Bustos To brighten the lives of kids in hospitals and or senior centers.  2nd Monday/month @ lunch 244
    LGBTQ+ Michael Wiechert To provide a safe space for allies and LGBTQ, educate in said topic and provide virual volunteering 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 131
    LSU (Latino Student Union) Sr. Gomez / Sr. Garcia To talk and do activities involving different hispanic and latino cultures 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ lunch 158
    M.U.S.E (Music Understanding & Skill Enhancement) Jonathan Probst To offer free music lessons to individuals of all backgrounds, nurturing an environment where music education is accessible, enjoyable and enriching 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ lunch 130
    Manga Crusaders Mr. Trevino To provide students a fun way to ineract with manga and anime. To learn,talk about new anime and build a community for others to make new friends. Every Tues @ lunch 143
    MC (Movie Cinema) Mr. Edwards To bring individuals who have a shared interest in movies and engage in discussions. Every Wednesday & Friday @ lunch 272
    Media and Art Develompent Club Richard Wallace To prove a space to learn from other artists on campus. Focused on teaching the basics and more advanced concepts in art.  2nd & 4th Monday @ lunch 261
    Mindfullness Club Paige Gibo/ Spaun/ Behounek To help fellow students learn about mindfulness techniques in order to deal with stress in a productive way. 1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch 204
    Muslim Student Association Ms. Acker To inspire young muslins to make a difference in their community and school 2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 205
    NHS (National Honor Society) Steven Makorow To elevate student's academics, leadership and community engagement.  1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 134
    NPO (Numerous Priceless Opportunities) Jose Rivera Providing opportunities in math competitions and academic success 1st & 3rd Wednesday @ lunch 148
    OBO (Others before Ourselves) Mr. Yoon To serve those who are much less economically fortunate than many of  us though outreaches and service events 2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 250
    Operation Smile Paul Yoon To raise and help children in 3rd world countries get cleft lip surgery.  2nd & 4th Tuesday @ lunch 250
    Peer Leadership Robyn Hernandez Student Support and wellness 2nd & 4th Thursday @ lunch 174
    Perform to Transform Richard Morales To serve the community through the talents of our members 2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 235
    PTSO Club  (Put That Stuff On) Mrs. Rupe To analyze and explore the latest trend in the fashion industry, inspire and educate people on lifestyle and fashion tips Every Thursday @ lunch 190
    Red Cross Club Samuel Leung Red Cross participates in activities that align with red cross humanitarian mission by holding service projects throughout the year.  1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 107
    SAT Prep Club Jennifer Plummer To provide free resounces and test taking tips to succeed in standardized testing  Every Friday @ lunch 137
    SCV Club (Serving Chino Valley) Ms. Bustos To prove volunteer opportunities affiliated with the city of Chino (TAC program) 1st & 3rd Friday @ lunch 244
    Space Club Ms. Arias To provide opportunities for students to talk about and investigate astronomy and aerospace together in a comfortable & inclusive space.  1st & 3rd Friday @ lunch 248
    STEM research club Chirichan Tasanont To encourage reseach in STEM topics, learn scientific method, share findings through science and engineering fair.  2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 241
    Student Community Crew Mr. Sabarra To provide students with internal and external resources catered to their personal goals/interests.  1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 208
    Swim with your Heart Paige Gibo To promote swimming to students at the beginning level. Working with other schools and organizations who need support in learning to swim  Every Wednesday 3:30-4:00 pm Aquatics Center
    Taiwanese Culture Club Mrs. Arias To share our passion and love for Taiwanese culture through immersive activities like traditions, travel, music and more. Every Tues @ lunch 248
    The Way- Jesus Club Christopher Garduque To provide a safe place for discussion and hanging out for followers of Jesus and those interested in learning more about Jesus & Christian faith.  Every Tues @ lunch 146
    Thirst Project Club Paige Gibo  To raise money and awareness for those without access to clean safe drinking water 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 204
    UNICEF Club Mr. Sathea To empower youth and provide for our community as well as help children around the world in need of basic necessities.  1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 230
    Video Game Development Club Matthew Frutos To give students the chance to express their creativity while learning about game creation by working with other members to create video games 1st & 3rd Friday @ lunch 214
    Women's Empowerment Club Michelle Escobar To help bring women up and give them a voice. To support and fundraise women owned businesses.  1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 111
    Young Investor Society Dr. Miller To offer lesson based enrichement initiative that imparts financial literacy via personal finance and stock market programs 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 133

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