2022-2023 CHHS Clubs

  • Club name Advisor Date of Meetings Room Purpose
    A Helping Hand   1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch   Donate items such as blankets, toys, clothes and books to Ronald McDonald House and C.H.O.C Children's Hospital of Orange County. 
    ACE Club (Active Catholics Everywhere) Gilbert Lanathoua 1st& 3rd Wednesdays @ lunch 155 To create a safe, welcoming & christ  centered enviroment for all to exercise their faith.
    Aerospace & Physical Science Cesar Tran Every Tuesdays @ lunch 240 To bring interest and inspiration of students at CHHS to Physics, math and science creating intersting things. 
    American Red Cross CLub Samuel Leung 1st& 3rd Tuesdays @ lunch 207 To provide service opportunities that help the community and spread knowledge on how to respond to emergencies 
    AP English Char Lindemulder Periodically throughout semester 273 To support students in AP English & Capstone Classes 
    Art Club Al Reyes 2nd Thursday @ lunch 260 To provide students the opportunity to discuss art topics and visit museums
    Asian Cultural Recognition Samuel Leung 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 107 To bring together students of different backgrounds in our goal of spreading, normalizing and appreciating Asian culture
    AVID Lora Vivanco 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ lunch 190 To inform students about college and prepare them for college life. 
    Best Buddies Miranda Olivas 1st & 3rd Tues/Thur/ Friday @ lunch 105 To build and foster friendships with general education and students with disablilites 
    Black Student Union Walter Ford 1st & 3rd Wednesday @ lunch 266 To bring awareness & unity within black students of Chino Hills High. 
    Book Club Richard Wallace 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 261 To create a safe place to have diverse, intellectual conversations towards pieces of literature that could not be talked about anywhere else. 
    C4C (Connect 4 Cancer) Nickolas Hale, Mr Sathea  1st & 3rd 256 To engage teens to be more involved in the cancer community and to support alongside.
    California Scholarship Federation Noemi Hernandez 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 231 To recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service (donation drives, etc) on campus
    Care to Spare Paige Gibo Every Tuesday @ lunch   To gather studetns in acts of good deeds and community service. 
    CASC Club Adam Jacoby 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ lunch 103 Offer students resources to learn about and beyond what they learned. 
    Ceramics Club Alyssa Morales 1st & 3rd Friday @ lunch 176 To provide students at CHHS with the opportunity to discuss ceramics art, participate in throwing on the wheel and visit museums. 
    Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Club Nataly Aguilera Every friday afterschool  213 or 260 To teach students how to do traditional chinese water color and chinese calligraphy and to learn more about Chinese art culture.
    Christians on Campus Laura Rutherford Every Thursdays @ lunch 192 To give students a safe space to practice and strenghthen their faith. 
    Club Ed Chirichan Tasanont Every Thursdays @ lunch 241 To foster the teachers of the future by providing studetns with local volunteering opportunities aimed at helping elementary and middle school students. 
    Club Gen Matthew Frutos 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 214 Educating students on a variety of skills that are not traditionally taught in schol.
    Common Rec. Club Adam Jacoby/ Chris Stone     For those who enjoy recreational fun, like pickleball, wiffleball, spikeball, dodgeball, four square, kickball, ulitmate frisbee and more to unite and play.
    Community Christian Club Lora Vivanco every Friday @ lunch 190 To provide a safe place for students to be in community and grow in their knowledge about god offering, providing community service communities. 
    Crafting Kindness Club Brenda Arias every Friday @ lunch 248 To teach others the craftmanship to help those in need by donating/ selling what we make to charities. 
    Creative Writing Club Maureen Ramstack 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 132 Welcome you to express your creativity through writing
    Data Analysis Club Michelle Chappell 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ lunch 234 By the use of surveys, this club can analyze data about various student body topics in order to draw a conclusion that can benefit our school.
    Debate Club Adam Jacoby 1st & 3rd Friday @ lunch 103 To improve the speaking skills, confidence and formal argumentative skills.
    DECA Jennell Acker 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ lunch 181 DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. 
    Dungeons & Dragons Richard Wallace Every Tuesday 3:22-4:52  261 To support students in learning how to collaborate with others and make friends through playing Dungeons & Dragons.
    E.F.A Education for All Michelle Chappell 2nd & 4th Monday @ lunch 234 To hlep underprivileged kids or kids with learning limitations to get an education in different countries.
    Environmental Conservation Club Esibon Syiem every Monday @ lunch 237 To conserve and help preserve environments, spread awareness of environmental issues in our local community and have fun while making connections with other people. 
    ESPN minus  Michelle Chappell every Wednesday @ lunch 234 To bring people together to discuss sports questions & news
    FIDM Fashion Club Richard Wallace 1st & 3rd Wednesday @ lunch 261 To allow others to express their creativity in fashion through crafts & activities.
    FIL-AM (Filipino American Club) Gilbert Lanathoua 2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 155 To share, learn and teach filipino traditions, experiences and culture.
    Filipino Barkada Club Gilbert Lanathoua 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 155 To join filipino students together in the purposes of enriching culture. A variety of elements offering insight on filipino culture is promoted, spreading filipino pride, enhancing and focusing on the language
    French Club Gilbert Lanathoua every Tuesday @ lunch 155 To learn, appreciate, teach and promote french culture and to build up school spirit
    Garage Band Miguel Delatorre Mondays & Wednesdays @ lunch 141 To bring students together to learn and make music together. 
    Garden Club Wendy Pennett every Wednesday @ lunch 151 To maintain the school garden and be able to experience the process of growing out own food. 
    Gender Equality Club Bill Acker 1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch 230 To engage in discussions about gender equality and prote safer and healthier societies where men and women are equal
    Helping our Youth Paige Gibo every Monday 7:50-8:30 am Wickman To help elementary students understand areas of study they struggle with. 
    HOSA (Future Health Professionals)   1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 248 To raise awaremenss and promote interest along with opportunities in the field of health care and health science. 
    HSA (Health Science Academy) Richard Morales 1st & 3rd Wednesday @ lunch pool To help students gain insight and experience on the field of science and health. 
    HSA Times Michael Wiechert 1st & 3rd Friday @ lunch 131 To highlight the achievements of the Health Schences Academy of Chino Hills High to a public platform while building the skills of journalism and research. 
    Interact Club Heather Garcia 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ lunch 244 Emphasize the importance of service to others, team-building and leadership which will encourage students to take initiative and make a positive impact in their community. 
    Improv Club Kery Rupe Daily 3:30-5:00pm 191 To have fun and practice improvisational, on the spot skills
    Jump Start Lora Vivanco 1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch 190 To teach students how to make the best out of taking dual enrollment courses.
    Key Club Keane Misawa 1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch Aquatics A park of the Kiwanis International Club, Key Club is intent on facilitating volunteering between like-minded leaders. We aim to make our community and the world a better place by hosting fundraisers and service events that allow members to come together and learn new skills along with meeting other Key Clubbers from around the world. 
    Kindness Club Wendy Pennett Every Thursdays @ lunch 151 Community service and brightening peoples day.
    Korean Culture Club Samuel Leung Fridays @ Lunch 207 To educate people interested in Korean culture and inform about their ideals, customs, traditions...
    Kpop Dance Samuel Leung every Friday 3:30-5:00 181 To provide and organized/engaging ground for students who have an interest in group dance (inspired but not limited to KPOP) 
    Latino Student Union Raul Gomez 1st & 3rd Tues @lunch 158 To represent the latino/Hispanic community at CHHS
    Letters of Joy  Joseph Sabolchic 1st Tuesday @ lunch 109 To brighten the lives of kids in hopitals while giving art a purpose by making letters and donating them to hospitals.
    LGBTQIA+ Club Greg Crow every Thursday @ lunch 210 To create a safe and educational space for queer students at CHHS 
    Literary Magazine Zachary Edwards Every Tuesday @ lunch 272 The creation and publication of a magazine club members can contribute to in the form of art, photography, and or writing ...
    Magic CLub Esibon Syiem every Monday @ lunch 237 To teach Students various subfields to empower them and to make the work a healthier, smarter place 
    Mindfulness Spaun, Behounek, Gibo 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 204 To help fellow students learn about mindfullness techniques to deal with stress in a productive way, to navigate the content of school classes, making life decisions. 
    Muslim Student Association Bill Acker 2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 230 To bring the muslim community of CHHS together
    National Honor Society        
    Neurobiology Club Makayla Saari Mondays & Wednesdays @ lunch 206 To give students a chance to explore information on the human brain and fuctions to learn. 
    NPO (Numerous Priceless Opportunities) Michelle Schempp 1st Wednesday @ lunch 140 To improve the quality of life in the world by developing skilled, ethical, and sensitive leaders of diverse bachgrounds and cultures. 
    Operation Smile  Robert Palmer 1st & 3rd Wednesday @ lunch 211 To raise money for children born with cleft lip to get surgery for treament. 
    PUSO Esibon Syiem     To honor and appreciate the Filipino heritage and culture by ways of learning traditional dances, exploring differnt aspects of heritage, as well as foods, traditions and people. 
    Realpolitiks Publishing Papers Hernandez 1st & 3rd Wednesday @ lunch   To facilitate a place where studetns can hone their writing skills & write collaboratively in a newspaper. 
    SOSA (Student organization for Societal Achievement) Joseph Sabolchic every Friday @ lunch 109 To raise money for Career-related activities and supplies for studetns transitioning from high school to adulthood
    Solar Boat Club Keane Misawa  2nd & 4th Friday @ lunch 267 To foster the development of skills related to mechanical engineering and scientific writing through the creation of a solar boat. 
    Space Club Keane Misawa  every Wednesday @ lunch 267 To increase student interest in STEM by giving students opportunities to solve and investigate real-world space-related problems. 
    Speak Out Matthew Frutos 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ lunch 214 To bring people together and talk aobut common issues/ problems they're facing themselves. 
    Student Athlete Club Jim Bergmann 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 259 To help athletes at CHHS improve their grades and or stay about a 2.0, allowing eligibility.
    Swim with your Heart Paige Gibo Thursdays & Fridays after school  Aquatics Promote swimming high school students at the beginner level. Work closely with other schools/organizations to reach out to those who need support in learning to swim. 
    Taiwanese Culture Club Brenda Arias every Tuesday @ lunch 248 To educate and inform others about Taiwanese culture
    The Bark Podcast Keane Misawa every Friday @ lunch 267 To facilitate a space where students can come together to create podcasts based on unique ideas
    The Science of Creativity   1st Tuesday @ lunch 133 To look into the applications of creativity into academic processes, such as slide design, poster design, the increasing of school spirit, video editing and the particular use of Canva. 
    Thirst project Club Paige Gibo 1st & 3rd Thursday @ lunch 204 To raise funds for those who do not have access to clean drinking water
    YAE (Young Adult Entrepreneurship Club) Melissa Robledo & Dr. B every Tuesday @ lunch 205 To give students better knowledge on entrepreneurship and being able to start their own business. 
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