• Mrs. Paige Diffine


    Classroom: D116 

    Office Hours: 9:30-10:30am, 3:30-5:00pm


    Course Description: This program is designed to expose students to academic and functional life skills.  Students will be exposed to activities including but not limited to: money math/management, vocation, job skills, writing skills, reading comprehension, cooking skills, and current events.

    Community Domain:  Includes skills to allow students to participate in campus, neighborhood, and community environments as independently as possible.  Mobility skills, access to community services, purchasing skills.

    Vocational Domain:  Includes skills for individuals to attain employment and perform meaningful work.  Activities include on-campus career occupation experience and training, employment skills, access to transition and off campus work experience programs.

    Recreation and Leisure:  Includes games, puzzles, arts, crafts, music, social gatherings, hobbies, self-regulating interactive social behaviors.



    • Feeding self and food preparation

    • Grooming and dressing

    • Hygiene, health and safety

    • Assisting and taking care of others

    • Travel

    • Community safety

    • Shopping

    • Dining out

    • Classroom/school jobs

    • School and extracurricular activities

    • Activities to do alone

    • Activities to do with family and friends

    • Physical fitness activities


    RESOURCES: Please bring any required sensory items, reinforcements, and/or communication devices, etc. that you need to participate in class activities. Academic supplies will be provided.

    COMMUNICATION: The best way to reach me while out in the community is district cell (call or text is fine).    I have a parent communication book for each student if the parents request one.  It can be completed daily or weekly.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns about the class or how your student’s day was.

    CELL PHONES, COMPUTERS, AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES:  Most students have a communication device and/or use some sort of non-verbal communication method.  All devices are to be used at all times and ideally charged before coming to school. Cell phones should only be used as a form of reinforcement and/or pecs communication..

    GRADES:  Grades will be based on progress towards goals as well as class work, community outings and life skills projects, via teacher observation and data tracking.