Welcome to Intermediate Dance

  • The Intermediate Dance/Dance 3/PE Dance course continues the base from which a dancer successfully completed the Dance I/Beginning Dance course at Ayala High School.  Previous dance experience may also be taken into consideration for placement in the Dance 3/ Intermediate Dance class.  This course will focus on more extensive techniques than previously taught, primarily in the jazz, ballet, and modern genres. Concepts such as improvisation and choreography will also be worked throughout the year.  The class will culminate in a dance concert during the second semester featuring student choreography works and full class pieces that will be performed in the Ayala High School Multi Purpose Room and open to the public. Through classroom exercises students will achieve advanced-beginning and intermediate level technical understanding, refine rhythm and timing, begin to adapt to various dance styles and develop beginning performance skills.  This course is an elective offered in the physical education department and the visual and performing arts.  The class is available to 9-12 grade students and may be repeated.  

Intermediate Dance