•       Congratulations on being accepted into A.P. European History.  The class will be rigorous and I hope you are up for the challenge.  The purpose of the class is to provide students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge of European history (1450-present) as it is taught in most colleges and universities.  Knowledge of the political events will be balanced with familiarity with social and cultural history.  Each student is preparing himself to take the A.P. European History examination.  Yes students must pay to take the A.P. test but there are fee reductions for students who qualify.  The summer assignments are as follows:
    Maps of Europe - due the first day of school
    Summer Reading
    1.  Fall of Rome to Middle Ages;  Late middle Ages to Late Medieval Church
    2.  Renaissance Reading
    3.  Hard Times by Charles Dickens
    4.  Western Civilization by Jackson J. Spielvogel - read ch 11 "The Later Middle Ages; Crisis and Disinigration in the 14th Century"
    Western Civilization is your textbook for next year.  You will pick up a textbook at the Ayala school library.  You will need to buy a copy of Hard Times or check one out from the local library.  Any bookstore will have a copy.  
    Students will be tested on all summer reading during the 1st week of school.