• What is Linked Learning?

    Linked Learning is a proven approach to education that transforms the traditional school experience by integrating rigorous academics, career-based classroom learning, and real-world workplace experience to help students gain an advantage in high school, postsecondary education, and career. Students can choose among industry-themed pathways in fields such as engineering, arts and media, and biomedicine health, and more.

    Programs connect learning with student interests and career aspirations, making their high school education personally relevant and providing them with professional learning experiences beyond the classroom where they can engage with working adults and apply what they learn in the classroom to solve real-world problems. This type of education leads to higher graduation rates, increased postsecondary enrollment, higher earning potential, and greater civic engagement. All pathways, by design, offer students a college preparatory education, leaving the door open for students to pursue any career goal or interest after high school.


    Do I have to commit to all four years?

    We do ask that you commit to the entirety of the first year, and expect to be there all four years.  You do have the option to change your mind at the end of the first or second year.


    What do I have to have in order to be eligible to apply?


    You need to:

    Have a good work ethic.

    Demonstrate the ability to perform well academically

    Turn in an application!


    Can I join an academy during my sophomore or junior year?

    Yes, provided there is space available. However, keep in mind that students will be held to the same standards as students who have started out in the program.  I order to succeed, students who join mid-way will need to devote extra time to studying and possibly taking extra classes. 


    What if I want to take courses not being offered in the Academy Sequence?

    The heart of the academy is for students to take common classes together with common teachers.  That being said, students may elect to find alternative ways to get other couses in, i.e. Advanced Placement courses, during summer or online.


    Will an academy help prepare me for college? 

    Absolutely! Preparing students for college is a primary motive for being part of the Chino Hills High School academy program.


    Can I earn college credit for course in the academies?

     Yes! Each academy has different course requirements, and some do include earning college credit.