• Welcome to Mr. Mr. Spellman's Distance Learning Classroom


    From now until May 1st, please feel free to checkc back here for weekly lessons 


    If you need to contact me, feel free to email at daniel_spellman@k12.ca.us

    My virtual office hours will be from 10 am - 2pm on Monday


    Listed below will be the codes for google classroom.

    MAKE SURE TO USE YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL WHEN SIGNING UP FOR GOOGLE CLASSROOM. It will not log you in if you use a personal email. 


    Google Classroom codes:

    Art Fundamentals (Period 1)

    Code: zr35cim

    Art Fundamentals (Period 2)

    Code: hapxjk3

    Art Fundamentals (Period 3)

    Code: vxdq6g2

    Art Fundamentals (Period 4)

    Code: t34gc34

    Art Fundamentals (Period 6)

    Code: my3nqfe

    AP 2D Design

    Code: zxz6rdw

    AP Drawing

    Code: gg3g63i