AP Environmental Science

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  • Environmental science is the study of the living world that incorporates a wide variety of interdisciplinary topics ranging from geology, chemistry and biology, to environmental studies, geography, weather, human impacts, and many more. Students must apply and engage the content to identify and analyze natural and human-made environments and environmental problems. Students will need to design and execute experiments, synthesize and analyze data, and discuss and debate scientific issues regularly as part of this course. AP Environmental Science is designed to provide students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies needed to understand and analyze the environment.  It is challenging and fast-paced, with a number of research and field experience opportunities. As with all AP classes, AP Environmental Science is treated as a college course: students will be expected to be independent and highly motivated learners.


    Please refer to the course syllabus for information regarding assignments, assessments, grading policy, and feedback. The syllabus can be found below and in Google Classroom.

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