AP Mandarin Syllabus

    AP Chinese summer Assignments


    AP Chinese Summer Assignment



    1. Describe the following Chinese arts, customs and traditions.

              (about 70 Chinese characters for each topic)


    1. 饮茶 yǐn chá (Dim Sum)
    2. 书 法 shū fǎ (calligraphy),
    3. 剪 纸 jiǎn zhǐ (Chinese paper cut),
    4. 相 声 xiàng shēng (comic strips)
    5. 京 剧 jīng jù (Peking opera)
    6. 兵 马 俑bīng mǎ yōng (Terracotta Army)


    1. Write about these activities that Chinese people do in

         their leisure time (about 70 Chinese characters for each topic)


    • 打麻将dǎ májiàng (playing Majiang),
    • 下 围棋 xià wéi qí (playing Chinese chess)
    • 打羽毛球 dà yǔ máo qiú (playing badminton)
    • 喝茶hē chá (drinking tea)
    • 唱Karaoke chàng Karaoke (singing Karaoke)
    • 跳广场舞tiào guǎngchǎng wǔ(public square dancing)


    1. Culture Study

             Watch any two movies related to Chinese culture and answer the following questions.


                  When does the story happen? What country? What region?


                  What are the main characters’ names?


                   Tell the story briefly.


                   What kind of story is it? Is it comedy or drama? Is it romantic story or Kungfu Movie?


                 What cultural differences do you perceive? List 5 or more.


                   What new vocabulary or phrases do you learn from the movie? List at least 10.


                  电影: List of reference movies (all movies listed are available on Netflix, Amazon or youTube)

                             饮食男女 Eat Drink Man Woman

                             非诚勿扰 Only If You are Sincere

                             变脸王 King of Mask

                             和你在一起 Together

                             英雄 Hero

                             木兰 MuLan

                             功夫梦The Karate kid