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    Your summer AP English homework is all about read (and maybe a little note taking).
    Join the AP summer Remind page by texting 81010 the appropriate code and get updates sent directly to you:  the senior code @dg27ed68k3. 
    You may also email me or Dr. Miller, but I will only be checking my email periodically. I will, however, be checking Remind daily. char_lindemulder@chino.k12.ca.us
    Summer Assignments in a Nutshell

    • Read How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster. There's a lot of information in this book, so it's suggested that you take notes. There's a suggested note template to use, but a separate Google Doc or notepaper will work. Notes will not be collected, but you are responsible for the content of the book. Each AP

    Keep Calm

    English teacher will have you do something with the information from the book when you return in the fall.  You can check the book out from the library or get your own.

    Choose an AP-level novel/play from a provided list or with teacher approval. You will be using the text as part of assignments at the beginning of the year. 

    It's suggested that you write your college application essay in order to prepare the multiple drafts needed to produce a quality essay for your college application in the fall.

    Links to Summer Texts, Pre-Approved AP Summer Novel List, and Homework Directions
     How to Read Literature Like a Professor text and click here for a link to the audio version of the text.

    Pre-Approved Summer AP Novels


    Suggested Pacing for the Summer Work

    The summer work is designed to keep your skills honed and prepare you so that the AP curriculum can begin on the first day of class.  Consequently, to get the most out of the assignments, you should work on the assignments throughout the summer, not "in one shot."  Below is the suggested pacing for the work.

    Snoopy Comic


    • June--How to Read Literature Like a Professor


    • July—Read your selected AP level novel from the pre-approved list (or request a novel approval through Remind); as you read through the novel, try applying concepts from How to Read Literature Like a Professor. Notes (optional) may help you with any assignments for the novel when you return to school.
    • August—review your work and enjoy the last week of summer!   
    Under Construction
    This site is under construction and will be modified throughout the summer.   Summer work and documents designed to help you navigate the summer work successfully will be added throughout the break.  I will be monitoring my email a few times each week, so if you have questions, email (char_lindemulder@chino.k12.ca.us), or for a more immediate response, join the 12 AP Remind.  Some responses will be posted on this site if the information is relevant to other students.  

    Make your life easier by joining the summer Remind, so you will get notifications of new postings.

    12 AP Text ClarificationFoster

    Please note that Foster has written two different books containing the same base title, but differing in the subtitle only.  Please make sure you are reading the correct book:  How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines.  We will be using the second edition of the text, which has a few different chapters than the first edition. The link for the revised edition is located here: How to Read Literature Like a Professor. You also had an opportunity to check out the text through the library.



    studying 12 AP Allusion study aides (Optional)

     A study aide for the biblical allusions is posted in the document section of this page.

    Study aides for the mythological allusion cannot be posted due to copyright limitations, but they can be sent if requested.  



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