• Classroom Expectations 

    General Expectations

    • Do not share your login or other personal information with anyone.
    • Follow all school and classroom rules.
    • "Be safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible"

    Communications and Academics

    I will use Google Classroom or Aeries Communications to communicate with students. The Google Classroom code will be given in class.


    Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom under the "Classswork" heading. 

    Students will use Classlink to access most of the online platforms that we will be using. These include Google Classroom, our online textbook, Outlook (student email), etc. 


    Assessments such as quizzes and tests will be assigned at various times throughout each unit. Tests will be announced in advance (typically a week in advance). Quizzes may or may not be announced and will be given often. 


    Students will be given feedback in the form of comments in Google Classroom or as corrections annotated on submitted work. It is always my intention to return to work in a timely manner. Assignments completed on Delta Math or other online platforms may have instantaneous feedback. Most other work submitted will have feedback provided by the teacher. 


    I use the Aeries grade book and will send grades home every few weeks after the first assessment. Please check Aeries often as I update grades constantly. Also, please give me some grace as the program may not be updated until after I finish entering grades for all students in a class. Please allow a week for grades to be updated/transferred to Aeries from the various platforms we will be using.

    Troubleshooting Guidance

    Student self-solving: visit CVUSD EdTech Resources (linked on student ClassLink page) 

    Email teacher for access to teacher-specific applications