• Chino Hills High School ASB & Leadership



    Welcome to Chino Hills A.S.B & Leadership!  Your involvement in this organization demands a high degree of time, responsibility, commitment and heart. You hold not only the responsibility of implementing the events and activities of CHHS, but you are also a role model. Your actions will be watched by students, staff, and the community.



    As your advisors, it is imperative that ALL activities/plans are approved by us. Documentation, pre-planning, and discussions are going to be the key elements in communication. If you are not communicating your plans with us, we are unable to inform these people about what’s happening. Administrators have the final say in our activities. Teachers’ schedules are often affected by our plans and you sometimes need to miss their classes, so early communication with them is also necessary.

    As a student, we expect you to grow in your position and your leadership ability. We would hope that you work collaboratively with the other students in the class and us. We don’t expect everything to be perfect, but we do expect you to learn from any mistakes you make and not repeat them. We expect you to act as a role model. You have been chosen, and in some cases have been elected by your peers, to represent them. As a result, you need to be a model citizen in your classes and on campus. This also means encouraging students to take part in school activities, actually attending school activities, and being positive about the activities. Finally, as a student leader, you need to follow school rules, including the dress code! The key to success in Leadership is to plan ahead. Do not wait until the last minute to accomplish tasks. Well-planned activities are typically the ones that are the most successful. Also, you are a part of a self-motivated group. During class, don’t sit around and wait for us or someone else to tell you what to do. GET INVOLVED. Be aware of your surroundings. Notice what needs to be done and jump in and help. Ask if you need help, can’t find something, or don’t understand something. 

    Remember, we are a TEAM and a FAMILY. We are here to work together for the benefit of the entire student body. The success of our activities program and the attitude of the students depend greatly on your actions.


    1. Season One: START
      1. Communication
      2. Teamwork/Collaboration
      3. Decision-Making/Initiative
      4. Organization 
      1. Purpose: Building Foundation
      2. Leadership Skills Focus
    2. Season Two: SPIRIT
      1. Commitment/Dedication/Follow-through
      2. Focus
      3. Passion/Energy
      4. Problem Solving
      1. Purpose: Build Excitement
      2. Leadership Skills Focus
    3. Season Three: SERVE
      1. Work Ethic
      2. Humility/Empathy
      3. Goal Setting & Monitoring
      1. Purpose: Give Back
      2. Leadership Skills Focus
    4. Season Four: SHINE
      1. Selflessness
      2. Appreciation/Kindness/Encouragement
      1. Purpose: Highlight Others
      2. Leadership Skills Focus



    Grading Policy


    Every ASB student will be graded on the following categories:

    30%- Evaluations (Teacher Evaluations & Project assignments)

    30% - Attendance & Participation- *Minimum 2 hours per week

    20% - Monthly Meetings/reports

    20% -Committee/ Sled team projects 

    All ASB students are required to commit to working 2 hour per week for ASB beyond our normal class period. Failure to complete this will effect your grade and your position within leadership.

    Students will be graded as well for participation in spirit days and events. Spirit days and attendance at events like lunchtime competitions, rallies, and any other event that takes place during the day will be counted as participation.

    Mandatory Events: Students are expected to attend all mandatory events.  No event will be considered mandatory if students are not given at least 2 weeks advanced notice.  If a student can not attend a mandatory event, they must give Ms. Kreiss at least 1 week notice and it will be determined if the absence will be excused or not.  




    As a Chino Hills High School student leader, I understand that I am held to a higher standard of behavior than my peers. 

    • I understand that I am viewed as a role model to my peers. 
    • I understand that I represent the ideals and morals of the leadership organization and Chino Hills High School both on and off-campus.
    • I understand that being in the leadership class is an honor and a privilege, not a right.


    Therefore, I commit to:

    • Living as a leader on and off-campus
    • Respecting everyone with whom I come in contact: teachers, students, and others
    • I will not have a disrespectful attitude with teachers or staff member
    • My behavior in class will be that of an exemplary student
    • I will be polite and aware of my actions and words towards others, even when others are not polite towards me
    • Acting with integrity
    • I will be honest
    • I will not cheat in my classes, nor will I allow others to cheat off of me
    • I will not use illegal substances (drugs and alcohol)
    • I will not get in physical altercations with other students.
    • Being responsible
    • If I commit to a task, I will follow through
    • I will work hard on tasks I am given
    • I will use good judgment when making decisions
    • I will ask for help if I need it
    • Kindly interacting with others
    • I will be supportive of the students at my school and in my leadership class
    • I will positively promote the events at my school
    • I will stand up for individuals being bullied
    • I will reach out to invisible students
    • Extending these morals and values to my social media
    • I will only post what is appropriate and reflective of the integrity of the leadership organization and the above-mentioned values.
    • I will be positive on my social media 

    I understand that I will be held to the standards presented in this document.

    Consequences: Should I fail to uphold to above-mentioned expectations, I understand that I may be subject to one or more of the following consequences:

    • Verbal warning/discussion with Ms. Kreiss
    • Meeting with Ms. Kreiss & Administration
    • Parent notification
    • Suspension from ASB
    • Removal from the ASB commissioner position