• School Wires Message:

    Welcome to Mrs. Tasanonts Distance Learning Classroom for Human Body Systems

     Make sure to check my Google Classroom Daily for updates and instructions


    Contact information 

    Email: chirichan_tasanont@chino.k12.ca.us 


    Virtual Office Hours 

    Tuesday and Wednesday

    7:30-8:15 am, 1:35- 2:20 pm 


    Distance Learning Classroom Norms:

    1. On Time: Should log into class via Google Meets from Google Classroom

    2. Video On: Sit up, no hidden faces, dress appropiately

    3. Mute: Use the Nod Extension to raise your hand to speak

    4. Chat Box: Use to ask questions, no side chatter

    5.  On task: Be an active learner and minimize distractions 


    Instructional Plan:

    See Google Classroom


    Syllabus Overview:

    1. Using Google Classroom and Google Meets 

    2. Follow DL Classroom Norms

    3. Contact me via Email with  any questions

    4. Grading Categories: 60% Assessment and 40% Assignments